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JSW Placement Paper - NIT Durgapur, January 30, 2013
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Nitai Chandra Maji
Hi buddies,

I am from Chemical Engineering. I have attended JSW last year in my college Campus.
3 Rounds are there. Written, GD, PI.

In Written exam full technical questions are there. I have provided the question I can recall now. About GD, topic is from general education based, or current affairs.

Two PI round, Tech and HR. Questions was asked from vocational training and hobbies. Self Introduction is very important. Hope these will be helping you a lot. Best of Luck.

Technical Questions: (39/50). Time: 60 Minutes

1. 1 picogram = how many grams (10-2 gm).
2. TLV means? (threshold limit value).
3. Ppm full form? (parts per million).
4. MIC full form ? (methyl isocyanate).
5. Portable H20 is (drinking water).
6. FGD ? (Flue gas desulphurization).
7. DM ? (Demineralized).
8. Which of this is max in steel -? (Dust).
9. Distillation is a " (Separation process).
10. Distillation_which will evaporate first (Lower BP).
11. Volatility.
12. Henry\'s Law (applicable to dilute soln, mole fraction <0.03, p=kc).
13. BOD? (Biological oxygen demand).
14. BOD measured by ? (Aquatic life).
15. Toxicity is measured by ? (heavy metals).
16. Refrigerant ? (Freon).
17. Heaviest noble gas (radon).
18. Universal solvent ? (H2O).
19. Cryogenics(study of material at subzero temp).
20. Which element has university named after it ? (Berkelium).
21. When was coal found? (Ancient times).
22. Carbonization of coal gives? (coke).
23. Which of these has highest calorific value? (coke oven gas, 4200-4500).
24. What is basic process in steel making ? (removal of carbon).
25. Flue gas analysis " (Orsat analysis).
26. Exhaust gases are converted to less harmful gases by - (catalytic converter).
27. Destructive distillation used for ? (coke refining).
28. Binder used in pellet making?( Bentonite).
29. Temperature inversion occurs in which season? (Winter).
30. Removal of water from oil is done why which process?(leaching).
31. In what temp celsius and fahrenheit becomes equal?(-40).
32. Scaling is formed in heat exchanger due to? (Hardness).
33. cosxdx=0
34. Diffusion_conc gradient (None of these).
35. Iron extraction (Both of These).
36. Argon in atm (0.93%).
37. Acid Dissociation Const for strong acid (<-2).
38. Percentage of O2 in exhaust gases (10 %).
39. Welding Layer: Coke.