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IOCL HR Officer Exam Interview Experience - Delhi, June 15, 2014
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Tarique Parvez
Hi Friends,

I gave an HR exam for a PSU IOCL. Since there isn\'t much information about HR papers, I am sharing my experience. The paper was of 2 hours comprising of 150 questions, out of which 100 were from HR and 50 were from General aptitude.

In the General aptitude section, 15 questions were from English, 10 each from reasoning and Maths and rest from GK. English section had average difficulty. The questions were from direct and indirect speech, fill in the blanks and synonyms and antonyms. Reasoning was easy and had questions like coding-decoding, direction, puzzle. Maths was also easy and had questions from topics like time and distance, average, area, height and distance. GK had average difficulty and there were few questions from current affairs as well. Few questions asked are:.

What do you understand by Contour lines?

Who introduced doctrine of lapse?

Which article talks about national emergency?

Which article talk about right of children to free and compulsory education?

Who won pulitzer prize 2014?

Which country recently became the third largest economy?

Highest voting in which state in lok sabha 2014 elections?

And there were few questions about rivers and couple from concept of physics which I don\'t remember exactly.

About HR section some questions were of 2 marks and some were of. 75 marks. And obviously the once which were of 2 marks were little confusing but all questions were of objective type only. There were questions from different approaches of IR, like which approach talks about voluntary negotiation? (giri approach) , who are the main actors in IR, which type of bargaining has win win approach, what is illegal strike called, single table bargaining, good faith bargaining. I would say the level was tough. From labour laws the questions came only from factories act and industrial disputes act and I think one question was from esi act. They were easy.

Few questions came from OB like who introduced the concept of bounded rationality, which one of these is not a content theory of motivation, some questions on conflict etc. The level was average. The the last section to have many questions was from performance appraisal. There were questions were from BARS. BOS, graphic rating scale, 360 degree appraisal, assessment center, sensitivity training, etc. The level was average difficulty.

So overall I would say that paper had an average difficulty and since there was no negative marking, the cut-off would in no way go below 100 out of 150. Just practicing objective questions from HR won\'t help and you have to an in-depth study if you want to clear any PSU exam.

All the best!