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Infotech(Cyient) Interview Experience - Guntur, January 23, 2015
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Sankeerthan reddy
Hi friends myself Sankeerthan I have attended infotech recently changed to cyient technologies on jan23rd 2015. Friends never get disappointed if you are unable to get placed just keep on trying, I have gone through around 15 company interviews but never placed being an optimist I kept on trying atlast my day has come on jan 23rd. I am student from KLUNIVERSITY stream ECE. Now I will let you know interview process of cyient tech.

We were around 200 (only MECH&ECE allowed as it is a core company).

1. Written test.
2. Technical.
3. HR.

1. Written is conducted by cocubes consisting of 60 questions 30 from quant and verbal (RS AGARWAL is sufficient) 30 technical (either Mech or ECE depending on streams).

Results are announced after 1:30 hour 23 got selected 10 from mech 13 from ece.

2. Separate panels for mech and ece TR was about 5 to 10 minutes mostly based on cv projects and softwares mentioned in cv. I was asked about xilinx execution flow I told in my way not exactly same.

After TR 4 from ece and 6 from mech were selected if you got out of TR you are 95% selected.

3. HR was good friendly I spoke as if he was my friend he asked about my childhood details school, colleges, hobbies. Remember he will ask applications of your projects mentioned in CV.

Results were announced after 4 days 10 members were selected (4-ECE, 6-Mech).

I was one among them.

I would like to say work hard until you get your day never give up or never get into negative thoughts.

Thank you.