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Infotech Enterprises Ltd - Hyderabad, November 10, 2011
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Chetan Sharma
Hello friends I\'m Chetan Sharma From CSE(Institute Of Aeronautical Engineering).

I attended INFOTECH Pool Campus drive at MLR institute of Engineering.

Pattern of Infotech:
1. Online Test(Aptitude and Technical)
2. Technical HR
3. HR

Online test consists of 60 questions and time is 60 minutes .It was divided into 2 sections General Aptitude and Technical Aptitude each consist of 30 questions and carry equal cutoff marks.So give equal importance to both da sections.I will try to present some topics on which the questions were asked.

Quant(8 ques):

- Percentage
- Probability
- Permutations and Combinations
- Pipes
- Boats streams
- Time and distance
- Time and work

The questions are from the above mentioned topics next section was data interpretation
Data Interpretaiton(10 ques)

First 5 questions are based on table he has given some data about the trains and their stations and asked the questions on trains.

Next 5 questions on a pie chart example some percentage of production, consumption it was little bit easy.

English(12 questions)
First 5 questions are based on Reading Comprehension
Next he has given some 3words (moderate level) and told us to find synonyms
And 3 questions based on analogies example SCURY:MOVE
And 2 questions fillings Chosing and appropriate word(Intermediate level) example ABUT.
Next Section technical questions(30 questions) dey just asked basics from (Dbms,C,java,C++,Computer networks,Os).
Some of the questions like
Push and Pop operations are used in ____.
In SQL, WHERE clause is confined to___________
They will also ask to predict the outputs u will get some 5 questions based on this predictions.
This are very easy u can finish in 15 min and aptitude is little bit tough but if you practice

The above mention topics u can solve within a timeframe.

They will announce the results within half hour and the selected candidates were called for Tech interview.

In Tech Interview they totally asked questions about the technologies which will be useful in real time scenario like SDLC,Software testing,Mvc Architechure,3 Tier Architechure some questions on Uml,and most of the questions are on RDBMS and U can do it just u should have the basic knowledge on all the subjects.They will scale you according to your answer and if you answer well you will get grade like A+ and they will call you immediately for HR.
If you do well in Tech HR then next round is just for casuality he will ask the questions about u and ur family and just it is a cake walk.

So guyz prepare well and concentrate on above topics and u can do it.

All the Best.

Hope my info helps you and meet you in Infotech.