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The recruitment process consisted of 5 rounds.

1.Written test:

50 questions and 50 minutes. this test is pretty simple and time management is very important. It had questions regarding probability, speed and time also included data interpretation questions and also vocabulary.

2.Technical written test.

20 questions and 25 minutes. very basic questions of c,c++ and java. Some 2 to 3 electronic questions were also asked.

3.Group discussion

This is the main elimination round. No one will compromise here. u need to have good communication and fluency need to speak for at least 2 or 3 times, if u don\'t put any effort then u will be out of it....just have confidence in urself...speak about 3 or 4 sentences ...and that will group had about 12 people..and only 4 got thru...i cud make it....

4.Technical interview. well...if u brush up ur basics that will do a world of good for u. some of the questions:-.

A. what is an abstract class?
B. what is function overloading?
C what is a trigger?
D. what is the difference between data ware house and data mining?
E. tell me about ur project..
F. what is the front end and back end of ur project??

5.HR interview.

if u get thru technical interview then this is just a formality. They will ask about ur family back ground and all the other details..

Well...i can tell u one thing thru my experince..there is no substitute for hardwork..just keep working hard and u will come out in flying colors some day...and forgot to tell all of u....i got thru all the rounds and got selected for Infotech enterprises...ALL THE BEST FOLKS!!!