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Infosys Interview Experience - Kolkatta 27 Nov 2020
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Anubhov Menon
The aptitude paper this time had five sections :

1) Mathematical Ability.
2) Reasoning Ability.
3) Verbal Ability.
4) Pseudo Code.
5) Puzzle Solving.

I cleared the online aptitude test and got a mail on 25th November from Infosys where they informed me about my interview on 27th November.

On 27th my Interview was at 2.30pm and it continued till 2:47pm (17mins).

I logged in at 2:25pm and Interviewer told me that I have logged in too early.So I waited for 5mins.

Interviewer : How\'s your day going?
Me : all good sir.

Interviewer : Rate your preparation out of 10.
Me : 8.

Interviewer : Briefly introduce yourself.
Me : did.

Interviewer : What is Void Pointer?
Me : said.

Interviewer : What is Dangling Pointer?
Me : said.

Interviewer : What is DBMS? How to create DBMS?
Me : explained.

Interviewer : What is indexing in dbms? explain its types?
Me : explained.

Interviewer : What is Foreign Key?
Me : said.

Interviewer : Are you okay with working at any position?(explained about the positions and works)
Me : yes sir.

Interviewer : What are your Long term goals?
Me : said.

Thank you.