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Infosys Interview Experience - Kumbakonam 26th December 2019
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Infosys was the first company came for a campus interview in my college and it makes me feel so exciting. And I prepare a lot for that test then my college announcing about Infosys online test on 26th Dec 9.30 AM. My classmates are so exciting. And then the online test was started.

The test consists of 35 logical questions and 40 Verbal questions. The logical questions are a little bit easier to answer but, verbal was so difficult as compared to logical. They said the results will be announced at evening 6 pm. But, I received mail at 7.30 pm. Finaly, I passed the exam. And next day personal interview. It makes me so nervous because this is my first interview.

Next, the interview is going on our computer lab. Finally, I entered into the room. Two HRs are there they asked about my project. And some basic questions on oops concept. Finally, one of the HR said to me " thank you for coming for this interview "that word conforms my job.

On the evening at 5 pm, my college released selected candidates list. My name placed in the list. I am also so happy. Finally, I got selected in my dream company.