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Infosys Interview Experience - Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore, 22/12/19
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Swapnaraj Maharana
Hi everyone. Hope you all doing good.

I had appeared Infosys System Engineer off campus drive in Bangalore and luckily cleared all the rounds and got offered.

1st round - Written(verbal+Aptitude+reasoning).

The verbal section mainly includes spotting errors(basic English grammar) & sentence rearrangement, for this section, better try to solve the questions from IndiaBix only, this would be more than enough. And 2 questions were from idioms.

Quantitative aptitude questions were from PROBABILITY, SIMPLE INTEREST AND ONE DATA INTERPRETATION (given a pie chart and had to solve 5 questions) and one question from TIME&DISTANCE. To clear this section same try to practice from IndiaBix.

Logical reasoning questions were from grouping only.

THERE WAS NO NEGATIVE MARKING FOR ANY SECTION. And fortunately, I cleared written and got an mail for an interview on the next day on the interview process was like below.


Me - Good afternoon sir.
Interviewer- please have a seat.

Interviewer- You are from the Electronics branch.. So tell me what you know in software?
Me - I know C&C++ programming.

Interviewer- Tell me about the types of loops we use in C.
Me- Answered.

Interviewer - What is exception handling in C++ and how is it done?
Me- Answered.

Interviewer - What is primary key?
Me - I answered (since I knew basics of SQL and data structure).

Interviewer - Okay ...your interview is done.
On the next day I got a mail regarding document upload for the offer letter.

That\'s all about my interview experience so Believe in God and have faith in yourself.