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Infosys Interview Experience - Vizianagaram, November 25,2019
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Guys, we had a pool drive that happened in MVFR college, Vizianagaram. Around 1500 members from various colleges from Vizag and vizianagaram had participated in that drive. From those 1500 only 269 members qualifed for the interview.

Coming to examination process, first round consists of quants (focus mostly on syllogisms), logical is quite easy if we had enough practice, English is some what hard but we can clear it by enough practice and some basic English knowledge.

Just practice from Indiabix that is enough. No need for extra material.

Coming to interview, I had some cool experience and an easy interview.

Interviewer asked to introduce myself and asked about my family, and about project and asked to write any 2 C programs. I wrote palindrome and prime number programs, don\'t cheat in resume because they will ask completely through our resume, and then he asked Is there any questions for me? That\'s it, we had an interview for 10-15 min.

From those 269 members 192 members qualifed, I got a mail next day from our tpo, my name is there in those 192 members a most happiest moments of my life.