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Infosys Interview Experience - Bangalore, 24/10/2019
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So, the 1st round was held on 23rd Oct 2019 and there were around 3500 students who attended it and out of it only 600 students selected for the 2nd round which was held on the next day.

As there were 600 students both HR and the technical round were held by a single person.
When I went to the interview room:

HR: Good evening, please sit down.
Me: good evening, thank you, sir.

HR: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Answered.

HR: Asked about my internship which I had done in HAL.
Me: Answered.

HR: Asked about my projects.
Me: Answered.

HR: Asked questions on web development.
Me: Being from an ECE department I didn\'t know much about it but tried answering(he wasn\'t satisfied but it didn\'t bother him because I spoke and the confidence)

HR: Do you have any questions.
Me: Asked.

HR: Thank you it was great.
Me: Thank you.

So the interview went well .. Do not lie in your resume, he asked me and my friends only from the resume and if you guys don\'t know the answer for any questions .. say that you don\'t know and you\'ll try learning it.

After a long wait till 7 we got out results and out of 600 students, 410 students got placed and I was on of them.