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Infosys Interview Experience - Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology and Management, October 5th 2019
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Sushil Sharma
I am IT student of GGSIPU, Infosys came to our college on 5th and 6th October.

The test for scheduled on 5th October and the interview on the next very day. I was very nervous about the Aptitude test as we all have read on the internet that the aptitude exam of Infosys is more difficult than any other company\'s exam. So I started preparing from August only.

So coming to the exam day, around 800 students sit for the aptitude exam and only half of them were able to clear it.

The pattern of the exam was pretty simple it has 3 sections Quant, Logical Reasoning and Verbal.

The main focus should be on the Logical Reasoning part as there will be a puzzle on which there were 5 questions based. Infosys Aptitude is also considered difficult because it has sectional cutoff. Yeah you read it right, it has a sectional cutoff. You have to clear all three sections separately in order to clear the aptitude and get shortlisted.

But trust me, with right amount of practice you can easily crack the exam.

Coming to the main topics for Quant : Quant has one or two Permutation & Combination question for sure , Probability question for sure and Time Speed Distance for sure. besides Time & work is also Important. Data interpretation is also very important for the exam. and There are only 10 questions from quant, and they have around 20 min. for it. & trust they are more than enough.

One of the most important topic of Quant is the CRYPARITHEMATIC problem. There will be 100% one question from it.

Next is your Logical Section, Prepare well for logical deduction problems, syllogisms, Puzzles, and Arrangements problems. Number series question will be in Quant section. The questions are little difficult in this section but not very hard.

The Section which will tell which student can crack and which one can not is the Verbal section. Yes, You have 35 minutes for 40 questions. It has 2 long passages which has 5 questions each. So practice it a lot. other questions are from error detection, jumbled Sentences, fill the blanks, etc.

I prepared thoroughly for my Aptitude from INDIABIX only and trust me you can see similar type questions from it. INDIABIX has the best collection of question for all the sections and you can easily crack the Aptitude if are able to solve questions of INDIABIX.

Out of 800 students only 403 students got selected after the aptitude exam.
In evening we got email from TPO of our college & luckily my name was there in the list.

Next was the Interview.

Trust me if you cleared the aptitude you have done 70% of the task and only 30% of work is left. At the interview day, there are different panels and trust me its purely your luck which panel you get. I got the HR panel, he literally didn\'t even asked a single Technical Question.

Yes, as I got into the room he asked Tell me something about yourself, I answered it in about 40 words and to the point. After that he was going through my Resume, he asked me about all of my project and my research papers. After that he asked about the hobbies and I Answered at briefly and then he told me that we are done with the interview if you have any doubts you can ask me.

But there were students who got other panels in which they were asked all the technical questions of C, C++ , Java and they were even made to write simple sorting codes and other Fibonacci, palindrome, prime number codes.

Just prepare for basic Technical C, C++/Java , DBMS(SQL Commands, Normalization), Basics of OS.
Thats it.

At same day, we got email from our TPO, infosys shortlisted 266 students from 800 students of combined 3 colleges of GGSIPU & luckily I was one of them.

And most importantly, PRAY from GOD. Prayers have great Powers. I just practiced and Prayed. Thats what I did for one Month Straight. No shortcut to success.

All the very best for Your Future, You can easily crack it if I can crack it.
Thanks INDIABIX a lot.