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Infosys - BBSR, 2/10/2019
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Deepak ranjan palei
I am from ECE branch. I already had mindset in my mind to go for software job. Infosys came as a on campus to our college.

Online test - the online test consists of 3 parts.

1 - Aptitude(moderate).
2 - Logical reasoining(moderate).
3 - Verbal ability(very hard).

The online test of infosys is really vety hard than others. If you will clear online test then getting job will be easier.

Around 400 students exam gave exam. 170 selected luckily I was one of them. Next day interview.. As a non CS and IT student you have to make your basic concepts clear.

Next day interview my torn came it was a normal interview. He asked me about my project, basic coding, learning new technologies. Then he said to me leave . Results came same day. Luckily I selected.