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Infosys Interview Experience - BHOPAL, 21-09-2019
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Anshu Prakash
Hello everyone,


Today I am going to share Very Important things regarding Placement & How I finally placed at Infosys,though it sounds good that I am finally placed at Infosys,but in my case journey was not too easy,the phase and situation which I was going before was very scary and frustrating for me. Ok Let\'s begin.

Below is the different Companies I have given written round only and its result:

1) Persistent : Failed.
2) T-System : Failed.
3) Zycus : Failed.
4) Deqode : Failed.
5) SAP@Scholar : Failed.
6) TEK System : Failed.
7) Infocepts : Failed.
8) Wipro : Failed.
9) Cognizant : Failed.
10) Infosys : Passed.

From the above result you can get a rough idea how I was feeling at that time when I was not even able to crack the written round,although I have given my best in each and every exam but the result is in-front of you my friend. So the most important thing is I have never stopped myself, always keeps trying...trying...trying....trying....,And I will suggest everyone not to demotivate yourself and not to stop trying your best whatever the result will be until you got Success, One Day Will Be Definitely Yours and Only Yours.

Now Coming To Infosys Experience :

Pattern : 
Section I/Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking.
25 mins.
15 questions.

Section II/ Mathematical critical thinking and Logical reasoning.
35 mins.
10 questions.
Section III/Test of communicative English.
35 mins.
40 questions.

Among all these three Sections, Only in Section II which was consists of aptitude questions based on P&C, Probability, Time & Work etc was of easy to moderate level,but the section I & III was very confusing,lengthy,moderate to tough English questions that includes very long 2 paragraphs,jumbled sentences,fill in the blanks etc. I will suggest you to take some of your time and try to solve anyone 1 passage fast and then move to fill in the blanks and then jumbled sentences,and if time left do another 2nd passage and make sure to answer each and every questions because there were no any negative marks, Also Don\'t think that the test was of adaptive type like on amcat and cocubes.

After giving the Written round, result came at that day in the night and 250 students got shortlisted among approx 900 students and after the following day interview has been scheduled in the morning, there were no separate technical and HR round, only one round was there, when I entered into the panel there were only one person asking the technical and HR questions.

So my conversation goes like this.

Me : May I come in Sir?
Interviewer(I) : Yes.

Me : May I sit Down Sir?
I : Yes please.

//Meanwhile Interviewer was Going through my Resume
I : So, Tell me about yourself?
Me : Answered perfectly.

I : Ok you are from Bihar, why you have come to this state,Is there no any college in your state?
Me : Answered.

I : Which entrance exam you have given,what was your score?
Me : Answered.

I : What was the cut off of your college and your branch?
Me : Answered.

I : Ok, Tell me Difference between DBMS & RDBMS.
Me : Answered(Since I have not writen DBMS in my resume,but the very first question he has asked me this and anyhow I have managed to answer but he was not satisfied).

I : What is normalization,explain with example?
Me : Answered(but again he was not satisfied with my example).

I : Suppose I will give you to develope an attendance application for teacher,which language will you choose between C & C++,and Why?
Me : Answered(but again he was not satisfied).

I : Tell me about your project?
Me : Answered.

I : What is operator overloading?
Me : Answered with example.

I : Ok, Do you have any question?
Me : Asked how long it will take for a fresher to join Infosys after graduation.(Interviewer explained me all).

I : Do you have any relocation problem?
Me : No Sir,not at all.

I : Ok I am done with you
Me : Ok thank you sir(smile & Handshake)

After 2 days, I got result and my name was in the list of Infosys placed students.(Best Moment).

NOTE : Even the interviewer was not satisfied with most of my answer, but I have always keep myself calm and a smiling face in-front of him.
Be Confident guys don\'t let them detect that you are not feeling comfortable, try to answer in a polite manner,even if you don\'t know at-least try your best so that it will make a good impression of yours in-front of the interviewer. Don\'t worry much once you shortlisted after written round, you will definitely crack. If I have crack after facing such number of rejections then YOU WILL DEFINITELY CRACK.