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Infosys Interview Experience - Rajampet,22.January.2019
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D Pujitha
Hi Friends,

Firstly I would like to thank Indiabix as it helped me a lot for my placement. And I hope my experience may help for others to prepare. I am the EEE student of Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Tirupati. I am very happy to share my experience.

I had attended Infosys off campus recruitment drive on 22nd January 2019 which held at Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajampet.

The recruitment process of Infosys had 2 rounds namely.

1. Aptitude (online based test).
2. Tech+HR Interview.

In first round of Apititude, there were 3 sections Logical, Quantitative and Verbal respectively.

A) LOGICAL (15 Questions for 25minutes).

I) Syllogisms 5Q.
II) Data interpretation 2Q (Bar chart and Tabulation each of 5 questions totally 10Q and these were totally based on percentages and averages).

B) QUANTITATIVE (10 Questions for 35minutes).

I) Puzzle 1Q (It was on seating arrangement with 5 questions).
II) Remaining 5Q were of Quants (permutations and combinations, time and work, speed /distance/ time, number series and letter series, coding and cryptoarthimetic).

C) VERBAL (40 Questions for 35minutes).

I) Sentence correction 8Q.
II) Sentence improvement 8Q.
III) Identifying errors 8Q.
IV) Inference 6Q.
V) 2 Paragraphs 10Q.

During the exam no one informed us about sectional cut off but I think infy consider sectional cut off to filter the candidates. However I got mail in evening that I cleared aptitude and called for interview on 23. January. 2019.

It was the second round i.e. Tech+HR interview, I was panicked a lot as it was my first interview in my life. And it was like this.

I was asked to get into the panel, with smile I entered into the panel by asking shall I come in sir. Asked to get in and as soon as I entered and wished HR, he asked me to show identity proof I. E College I\'d, I had shown and HR was with his laptop asked me to be seated and the interview started as below.

HR: Can I know about yourself?

Me: Told (HR was busy with his lap he was not looking at me, as I was panic, I was calm for 30 secs. Then I started telling about myself when HR suddenly looked at me and however I was interrupted in between that by the question below).

HR: How you know Hindi better than Telugu ?
Me: As my father is an army.

HR: Oh ok, Can you write a program to get the pattern?


Me: Written (on the paper provided by HR).

HR: I will give you a problem can you solve it?
Me: Yes sir.

HR: Two trains on a same track of length 200 km moving in opposite direction with same speed of 100km/hr. And a crow flying on the train to and fro with a speed of 100km/hr and as trains collides each other crow stops flying. How much distance crow travelled?
Me: 100km.

HR: Can you explain?
Me: Explained.

Then asked related to my field.

HR: Why crow won\'t die or get shock when it sits on a conductor?
Me: Current required a closed path to flow. A crow sits on one of the conductors, there won\'t be a closed path so it won\'t get shock or die. If crow place one of its legs on one conductor and other leg on another conductor surely it will die as it forms closed path.

HR: If two lines i.e conductors get touches each other will the crow die, if it is on one of the conductor?
Me: Short circuits at that point but the crow won\'t die if it is on one of the conductor.

HR: What are the good conductors of electricity?
Me: Copper and Aluminium.

HR: Is gold and silver are good conductors?
Me: Ofcourse sir.

HR: Why silver and gold are not used as conductors?
Me: Because Costly and melting point is low.

HR: Difference between motor and Generator?
Me: Motor converts electrical to mechanical whereas generator converts mechanical to electrical.

HR: Anything would you like to ask me?
Me: Can I share this good news with my family and friends with a smile?

HR: Which good news?
Me: Results of this interview sir.

HR: I am not going to announce results now with little smile.
Me: Sorry sir.

HR: Any other, rather than this?
Me: What is the difficult task that you have faced till now in the company sir?

HR: Said.
Me: Was smiling.

HR: Have a great day ahead and you can leave.
Me: Thank you sir.

This is the way I faced my interview. I had no hopes on selection. Later we were asked to sit in a room and one of the person of infy informed us that who are going to be rejected will be only for two reasons. One is for communication and other for problem solving critiria. Then I got hopes on selection. Later results were revealed in APITA website in evening. I was one of the candidate in those, who were selected.

Suggestions: This was the first company I got selected after rejection by 5 to 6 campanies. So don\'t loose hopes dear friends, do your best and your hardwork will definitely make you to be placed in a better place than what you expect.

Thank you.
I hope it\'s useful to you and liked it.