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Infosys Interview Experience - BIT Mesra, Ranchi
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Sanjeev kumar suman
Hello Friends,

Before getting into the details of Infosys placement Experience, I would like to thank IndiaBix where I used to prepare for campus placement and interview. Now it\'s time to contribute so other can learn.

Date - 16 Oct 2018.

Infy recruitment was two step process.

1. Online Test.
2. TI+HR.

In online test there were 10 question from quant, 5 from logical part and around 10 from English and para.

30 min was allotted for 10 question of quant and 25 min for other. During online test no one has mentioned that there will be any sectional cut-off.

Anyway I got mail in morning that I cleared that apti round. Actually there were more than 480 student who have appeared for this test and out of that around 98 were shortlisted.

Now here comes 2nd part - Interview Round.

HR : Hi Sanjeev tell me about yourself? (very common question).

ME: Told.

Then he asked some technical question related to transistor and logical circuit. Next he asked me basic.
Programming question. He tried to confuse me on pointer but I was OK with basics of pointer, he also asked me to write basic program using pointer.
Finally he asked me to explain project which was minor project that I did in my 7th semester. That\'s it from technical part.

Then he asked me few HR round question like.

Do you want to go for higher study?
He asked questions mostly from resume.

TIP : You should be aware of what you have mentioned in resume otherwise guys you know.

And at the end he asked me that do you have any question for me. So I asked one regarding what kind of training I will get or what earlier preparation I need to do so that I will be able to cope up with Mysore training as I am from non-CS, IT background.

So interview went this way and I was expecting selection but at the same time I was not sure.

Same day at 10:11 PM I got mail where my name was there. This way it was my first company where I got job after getting rejected from 8 company. Anyway guys don\'t loose hope and remember hard work always pays.

All the Best !
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