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Infosys Interview Experience - Mumbai
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Rakesh Panigrahy
In Infosys selection process there were 2 rounds.

1. Aptitude.
2. Technical+HR.

In aptitude there was no mathematical problems. Only logical questions were there like syllogism, data sufficiency, data interpretation etc.

Out of 798 students 296 students got selected and we got the result on same night. On next day both technical and hr round conducted simultaneously, there was no separate rounds. Then they told us to leave for this day you will get notified.

They didn\'t tell whether we got selected or rejected. So don\'t be panic. They were asking for some 10 to 15 guys to come with them. That\'s only to take the interview again to check whether they were eligible or not. Not for HR round.

So at night we got result that 228 students were selected out of 296. My communication was not that much fluent but still you should have the knowledge and don\'t stop, whatever you knows just try to say.

Be confident and try to laugh and enjoy while conversation with HR.