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Infosys Interview Experience - Coimbatore-14.12.2018 - 15.12.2018
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Hello friends,

I feel so happy to share my experience. We had Infosys off campus recruitment at N.G.P. College of arts and science at coimbatore. Nearly 3500 students from 30 different colleges attended the recruitment process.

Initially we had online written test. It has only two sections.

1) Logical reasoning.
2) Verbal reasoning.

Logical reasoning is so easy and you can crack it with basic knowledge. Verbal reasoning is bit hard and some practice is required to clear this round. Out of 3500 only 360 students cleared this round.

And we got the results at the same night. And next day is our HR round. There is no individual Technical and HR. Only one round which has both Technical and HR. The questions they asked:

1) Tell me about yourself.
2) Write any program in any of your comfortable language.
3) Explain the program.
4) Tell me about your hobbies.
5) About relocation and night shifts.

And on the same night we got our results and yes! I am selected.

Friends I just always read the experience in INDIABIX before proceeding to interview and thought of writing my experience one day and today I did it. Before getting selected in INFOSYS I got rejected in WIPRO and CTS. So never give up on your dream. Don\'t feel bad for your rejection. Always believe that something great is waiting for you. INDIABIX helped me a lot to crack both my logical and verbal round hence I owe my experience to INDIABIX.

All the best. You can if you can\'t then who can !