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Infosys Interview Experience - Chennai 28th & 29th October 2018
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Subashree R
Hi all!

I attended Infosys off campus drive. I had 3 solid weeks to prepare for the online test.

On 28th Oct \'18, I gave my online test. The test had -15 questions on logical, 10 questions on quants and 40 questions on verbal.

Logical reasoning:

Data interpretation - 5 questions.
Cryptarithmatic - 1 question.
Syllogisms - 5 questions and I don\'t remember the remaining questions (sorry!).


Time and work - 1 question.
Speed and distance - 1 question.
Mixtures and allegation - 1 question.
Profit/loss - 1 question.
Arrangements - 5 question and 1 question was finding sq root.


Error detection and correction - 10 questions.

And rest of the questions were reading the passage and answering the questions below.

Practice to read the passages quickly, as they are time consuming.

On the same day itself (7.43 pm), I received the mail stating that, I cleared the first round and call letter for interview, which held on the very next day.

Our reporting time was on 9.30am. We stood in long queues for verification. It took half a day.(12.30 pm). They asked us to have lunch and again assemble at 1.30pm.

Then I had my interview.

Me: Good afternoon.

HR: Hey hi! please take your seat.
Me: Thank you.

HR: Saw my resume and asked, "so you are from CSE?".
Me: Yes.

HR: Tell me about software development life cycle.
Me: I said.

HR: Tell me about OOPS concept.
Me: I said.

Then HR gave me 3 programs to solve. (swapping, without using third variable), palindrome (w/o using reverse fn), Fibanocci series (w/o using reverse fn). He gave me enormous time to solve them. I got stuck in between. But he helped me. His only motive was to get answer from me. He was so polite and helping.

After that,

HR: Are you willing to relocate?
Me: Yes.

HR: Can you work with different technologies?
Me: Yes, I can adapt.

HR: Do you have any questions?
Me: Can you please tell me about the training given at Mysore for the shortlisted candidates?

HR: He said briefly about it.

After that, I received my offer letter on the 9th day from the day I gave my interview (7th Nov 2018).

One thing is sure that, if you clear the online test, then the chances of getting into Infosys is high. Don\'t panic much about the interview. They are asking basic questions and helping a lot. If you are from non-CSE background please go through basic c programs and your project.