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Infosys Interview Experience - Pune 14/7/18
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Hey, I am from Nagpur gave my off campus test and interview in Pune. The online test was on 14/07/18 and the interview was scheduled on 16/07/18. The test has sectional cutoff and no negative marking. Trust me don\'t study much the questions are quite easy and the time given for each section is also sufficient. Prepare all the basic topics, the questions are damn easy. I cleared the test and received the mail of interview on the same day at 9 pm.

We had Sunday to prepare for the interview. I was a bit nervous so tried to study all the languages I learnt. I was from EnTC branch so studied basics of electronics also. You will be given a slot of interview you have report at that time only as they make batches of students who come early so try to reach the venue half an hour before the give time. My interview was of hardly 5-10 minutes. He asked only about my family and Software Development Life Cycle. As I had mentioned that in my resume.

Please mention only the subjects which you are confident enough to answer anything. My interview was more of HR than Technical as this was only one technical question. Rest were all about relocation, my short team goals, long term goals, why IT (as I am from non-IT branch) and he was trying to check if I am firm on my decisions as he asked me about relocation to any office in India 2 times. So, be calm and try to answer the questions with confidence. Also, prepare your resume that will be your interview questions.

Best luck, after my interview on 16/7, the HR told to wait for a month or so for the results, they roll out the offer letters as per the vacancies and batches in Mysore, so be patient. I received my offer letter on 21st September and joining date is 3rd December. So, don\'t worry, if you clear the aptitude test the chances are more of your selection. Hope my experience Helps you. All the best!