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Infosys Interview Experience - Coimbatore institute of technology &9.9.18
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Pavithra Anand
Hi guys. I am Pavithra(ECE) , from Coimbatore institute of technology, Coimbatore.

Infosys came to our clg on 8. 9. 18 for recruitment process after 10 years. This year TCS and Infosys came in same time. They gave shared slot for us.

After preplacement talk we went for 1st round.

First round was fully verbal and simple aptitude questions. Out of 400, 75 shortlisted for 2nd round (I am from Tamil medium). I was one among them.

Next day (9. 9. 18) we called for second round. I prepared my resume very well. In the interview, they asked about my mini project in detail. And they asked so many cross questions in my project and some basic questions in my core. I did well. After completing the whole process, they called 4 among us again. I am the one of the person. They again asked the same questions plus they asked about coding knowledge in C. I did well.

But till now I don\'t know why they called me again.

If you don\'t know the answer, please tell to interviewer sorry sir I don\'t know, but surely I\'ll learn. This will create a good impression about you.(I did that).

After one week the results are out.

I got placed in INFOSYS which is located in my dream location BANGALORE.

ALL THE BEST Guys, prepare well.

Luck plays a major role,

Before this, I attended 10 companies, luck is too important. IF THE COMPANY IS WRITTEN IN YOUR DESTINY SURELY you WILL GET IT. Don\'t lose hope, take all your failures as a lesson. Best of LUCK.