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Infosys Interview Experience - 17th and 18th June, UEM kolkata
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Souparno Dey
Hi friends I am going to share my Infosys interview experience. Infosys conducted a off campus for 2018 pass out batch on this date. 17th June was the written test those who cleared, got shortlisted for interview on 18th June.

Written test (About 1500 opted and around 200 shortlisted for interview).

This test consisted 3 sections with a sectional cutoff of 70% for each section.

1. Logical reasoning : 15 questions 25 minutes, level of difficulty was moderate to high. If you have to clear the cutoff then focus on syllogisms, data interpretations mainly.

2. Quantitative aptitude: 10 questions 35 minutes, level of difficulty was high. Prepare from arun sharma quants book level 1 problems. Try to focus on data insufficiency and time and work and time and distance problems. Infosys also asks from geometry.

3. Verbal aptitude : 40 questions 35 minutes, level of difficulty was moderate. Time is the key factor try to practice more and more from IndiaBix for accuracy and and time management.

Interview round : On the d-day my reporting was on 9.30 but I had to wait till 4 pm for my turn to come. Here I stands for interviewer and m for me.

M: Good afternoon sir, I hope you are having a good day here.

I : greeted handshake with a smiling face and told me to sit. And then told, ok souparno give me your academic introduction.
M: I started from schooling, my college, stream of study and also dragged my academic projects and training into the introduction.

I : Ok so tell me about linear data structure.
M: Explained him and also tried to explain with diagrams and how it is different to non linear data structure.

I:What is runtime polymorphism ?
M:Again explained with suitable code examples and told about method overriding in oops.

I: Write the logic of bubble sort in any language of your choice.
M: I was nervous and forgot the logic so I told him Sir I forgot the code but I can explain the physical iterations of buble sort.

I: Ok explain that.
M: I got a bit of relief and explained the physical iteration step by step and explained him on paper.

I: Souparno you are from electronics right? (looking at the cv).
M:Yes sir.

I: Explain in details how the fan is rotating over our head.
M: I was like twisted like nothing else but came out shock in few seconds and started explaining him the mechanisms. I explained him how the power is coming from source, how the circuit is working and also how electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

I: He seemed to be impressed. Then he asked Do you know what are the latest technologies IT industry is working with?
M: IOT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Blockchain.

I: Then explain me about artificial intelligence.
M: I started with basics about how the work of human brain can be replaced upto some extent which reduces time also told about how google is working on AI took the examples of google camera and google map and also google assistant. Told him about scope of AI, machine learning.

I: Do you have any problem to relocation?
M: I would love to explore new places so I absolutely have no problem to relocation.

I: Ok Souparno Do you have any questions?
M: Sir tell me about the training process at Mysore.

I: He told me about generic and stream training and the tenure of those.

I: Ok Souparno I have no more things to ask you. Thank you.
M:Thank you sir, it was a very nice experience to meet you.

After this I had to wait long for results. And then by god`s grace I got my offer on 25th July. I am thankful to the almighty god and to my parents who motivated me and gave strength at every moment of my life.

To the aspirants who are preparing for infosys do keep one thing in mind be strong and confident. Infosys rejects a lot in the written round where the success rate is appx. 10-12% but in interview they takes around 75% people who appeared.

All the best for the upcoming drives and do follow IndiaBix it\'s really helpful.