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Infosys Interview Experience - Pune 23 June 2018
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The entire process was too tedious.

I cleared first round and I got mail for interview for next day.
I prepared all basic programs and project and resume.
Infosys needs only confidence and good way of answering.

Questions were quite simple.
I\'m it background.

1. Tell me interesting facts about you.
2. Basic definition of c.
3. Mysql.
4. Situation based question fr project based.
5. Detail about project.
6. Fav subject -real time eg.
7. Curriculum activity.
8. Rate yourself in your journey of engineering.

Then they create confusion after interview. To sit and go and what not.
But don\'t panic on it.

People say getting selected in apti think they have 80% of chances of selection.
But it is not true.

Out of 150-200 ppl only 20-30 were selected.

And one interviewer told one girl that you are too impressive. But let me tell you she was rejected.

So you never know what happens. So don\'t be overconfident or any false guess.

They will keep you on process for a month.

And finally I got joining mail - 25-7-18.

All the best.