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Infosys Interview Experience - 23rd June 2018
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First round: aptitude. I am from Mumbai and aptitude was held in Pune. For referral or off campus drive or Whatever it is.

The timing was given 2 pm. But it started at 7 pm in evening (too bad management).

All were totally exhausted. Approx 500 students were there.

Finally I gave aptitude just for sake of giving with no expectation.

I got mail at 12 pm night for interview scheduled day after tomorrow.

I prepared everything from project to resume to programs to electronics (as I\'m extc).

I\'m never afraid to give any interview.

And my interview went quite good.

He asked everyone basic question like 3g, 4g, optical, IOT.

Hr questions like two good and bad things about your college n stuff.

It was 10 min interview. There were total 7-8 panels. N I hope you know technical and hr is taken by same person.

Then happened the most confusing thing.

We were made to sit for some time for verification.

Then some names were taken n were told to go home (my name was not there).

Then some names which included mine. We were in too confusion if it was selection rejection kind of thing. But it wasn\'t.

Then they told us to wait for 1 week.

They filter out rejection mails in one week.

And I was rejected.

But my friend got selected. It took almost one month for him to get offer letter.

He had to go through many process like login credentials, scanning documents etc.

All the best.