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Infosys Operation Executive Interview Experience - Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh & Jan 24th, 25th 2017
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Akhil Battula
Hi, I\'m an Alumni of P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts & Science, Vijayawada. I\'m a B.SC(Computer Science) Graduate. Infosys first visited a nearby university of us named K L University, Guntur. Nearly, 11 of our college students were selected there for the post of Operation Executive which is meant for BSC/BCA graduates.

But, Due to some other reasons, Some of our college students were unable to attend the placement in K L University. Soon, We got another chance that Infosys Visited GVP Degree Campus in Visakapatnam where we attended the Infosys placement.

Infosys Placement consists of Two Rounds:

1. Written Test.
2. TR/HR Interview.

First Round You appear will be written test which is an online round. Here, before starting the test you will be asked for fill a form online in which I was asked to give Info about me(like personal details, Academic etc.). Be cautious, take your time, But fill the details correctly.

* Before appearing in the test, Everyone said its very tough to crack Infosys placement test. It requires more than months of preparation. But my perception is, Some basics and a bit of logical sense to see trough the problem is enough.

* Written Test:

a) Arithmetic Aptitude.
b) Logical Reasoning.
c) English(a bit hard one especially Vocabulary).

* The duration of exam if nearly 100 minutes(I don\'t remember exactly).

* There is no negative marking when I appeared for the test.

* Prepare the basics of Aptitude and Reasoning & English. But be more cautious and concentrated when you prepare. Don\'t take it for granted.

As we went to the venue at Morning 8.00 AM. and we took the exam nearly 6-7 PM in the evening.
In the night around 12 AM, I\'ve got a mail from host college i.e., GVP degree college that I\'m selected in the first round and should appear for the interview in the same venue at 9.00 AM Sharp with the required documents.

2. TR/HR Interview:

Infosys Interview is the fastest interview I\'ve ever given till date. Literally, The time, I\'m in Interview room is exactly 4 minutes including the greetings.
I entered into the room.The HR was sat right in the middle of the room along with a table and a chair in front of him Also, he got a laptop on the table. I walked towards him. As I reached him, he greeted me.

HR: Akhil Battula... Hello Mr. Akhil. How are you?
Me: I\'m fine sir. How are you sir?

HR: I\'m absolutely fine Akhil. Please take a seat.
I sat on the chair. In between he analysed my resume which he already got into his desk.

HR: Ok. Akhil. Introduce yourself!
Which is a common question for all the interviews.

"I started reading all the details present in my resume with a formal sentence formation". Sorry Just kidding. He is validating the details in my resume with my introduction. As I reached to my achievements, he stooped me and asked his next question.

HR: Ok! You\'ve said You\'re an Android App developer. And you said you made "Krishna Pushkaralu - 2017" Application.
Me: Yes! Sir.

HR: What it do?
Me: I just gave a single line intro of the app. And he stopped me again and moved to next question.

HR: You know C lang, JAVA, HTML etc.
Me: Yes Sir. I studied them as a core subjects in my graduation program.

HR: So tell me. What is pointer?
Me: A pointer a variable which stores the address of another variable.

HR: Difference between C and JAVA?
Me: I told 4 valid differences. And he stopped me again.

HR: What are OOPs concepts?
Me: I told all the concepts like class, object, data encapsulation etc., except Polymorphism.

HR: That\'s all. or Anything else.
Me: I\'m a bit tensed because I know I missed one. I said - "Sorry sir, I missed one. But I cant remember it. Sorry".

HR: Ok. It\'s Polymorphism.
Me: Ok sir sorry. Polymorphism.

HR: What is polymorphism?
Me: Polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms.

HR: OK Akhil. We\'re done. Do you have any questions for me?
As I know a bit about Infosys. I just asked a random one.
Me: Yes sir, Do Infosys have any Mobile Application development department or unit?

HR: No, Actually, we do not have them separately. But, we projects of Mobile App development.
Me: Ok, Sir. Thank you.

HR: Anything else?
Me: No, sir.

HR: Ok Akhil, we\'re done. Thank you.
Me: Thank you sir.

And I left the room. Then After I headed back to home.

In the night, As I haven\'t received any mail either from Host college or Infosys. I thought I got rejected.
After My college TPO called me to know the result of Interview. I conveyed him no one had got any mail regarding it. Then, he approached them and confirmed that I\'m placed in Infosys along with three other batch mates of my college.

That\'s the story and my Interview Experience.
Kindly, those who are going to appear for Infosys placements.

* Have Patience and Prepare sincerely.