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Infosys Interview Experience - Rajasthan Technical University, Kota(Sept-28-29-2017)
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Shubham Dixit
Hello, Guys! This is Shubham Dixit here and I\'m going to share my recent and the first one interview experience with Infosys. Not taking too much time of you I brief this in short.

On the first day, they started with the Company\'s presentation. It is where you get all information about company and job profile and if you are attentive during this it will help you in your interview questions related to the company.

There were two rounds of the selection process:
1) Written.
2) Interview.

I was a bit nervous about written because I am not that much good with the tricks and crabs all that but it was really very easy. You can solve them just by applying your natural brain.

Written had three sections:

a) Test-Section I/Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking
We were given 25 minutes for 15 questions. First, one to five were from the graph. The next five were from data interpretation and rest five were normal ones that you can solve with general arithmetic reasoning.

b) Test-Section II/ Mathematical critical thinking and Logical reasoning.

This section covered 10 questions in this section and 35 minutes was allocated.Their questions were very simple.

For Example:

1) If someone scores 99 runs in the 20th match then his average is raised by 3 then find out was what his avg till 19th match?

2) If DOOM + MOD = OSHO, then what is the value of M+O+O+D ?

3) If there are two concentric circles and the four chords of the outer circle, making a square in the outer circle, are the tangents of the inner circle at four points A, B, C and D and these points make a square in the inner circle as well. What is the ratio of the two squares made like this?

4) If 15 liters of 45% solution is to be mixed with 85% solution to make a solution of 57% How much liters do we require of 85% solution.

5) Sorry guys, I really forgot this one.

6)-10) There was a set of data given like five people A, B, C, D, E are sitting in a row and A is not a manager and sits in middle, B is not the author and sits in the corner seat and all that...Blap Blaph Blaph...and there were five questions on this given paragraph of data.

The overall reasoning was very easy and I just missed one question in this section. Just apply your natural thinking and it\'s all done.

c) Test Section III/Test of communicative English
This section was lengthy. There were 35 questions in 40 minutes. There were 4-5 types of categories. In the first category, there was fill the correct word in the blank type questions. In the next, there were grammatical error type questions. In the third section, there were two lengthy passages although easy to get. In the fourth section, there were short paragraphs of 4-5 lines for each question and you have to find out which line best describes the paragraph. In next section, there were questions regarding the best framing of the combined sentences.

Overall this section was lengthy and one should really worry about that.

In short, Keep your mind like a parachute and you can land in interview round.

HR Interview:

My interview lasted for 25 minutes. He was polite and calm with me. Behaving like a gentleman he offered me a chair to sit and asked how I\'m doing? I answered I\'m fine sir! and the interview begins...

HR: Can I see your College ID, please?
Me: Sure sir!

HR: So brief yourself.
Me: Just told him about me with a joyful face.

HR: What do you feel about your college?
Me: For two second I was blank. I really didn\'t imagine this question. But I started answering it and my all answer was to the conclusion that it\'s a good college. Didn\'t said anything negative about our college. And of course, it\'s true.

HR: And what about KOTA city?
Me: It\'s an education hub. then he started asking some tricky questions about this and I answered in short.

(till now about 7-8 minutes)

HR: So what is your stream?
Me: Electrical Engineering Sir!

HR: Shubham, It has been troubling me how a transformer works. Can you please explain the working of the step-down transformer with its schematic diagram.
Me: (Here I would like to mention that you never know how much knowledge they have. Don\'t misinterpret that they are from an IT company and they won\'t be able to ask from your stream.) So I just made schematic and explained in short.

HR: Ohh! I forgot to tell you one thing Mr. Shubham. I am not from the electrical background and I don\'t understand technical terms. Can you help me?
Me: sure sir! Again tried to explain in the best possible way. But he stuck on the terms and without terms you cant explain working so you have to make him clear those technical terms like what is flux, core, and turns.

HR: Lot of questions and those were very basic. Even you don\'t have their exact definition and then to no sorry will help you out. You say sorry sir but he has keen interest to know and he won\'t let you give up too easily.
Me: Really tried my hard with confidence, patience and a smile on the face.
(In the starting minutes I got that he just want to frustrate me with a lot of silly questions and want to test my patience and confidence and understanding to the problems he has. He was not that much interested in the correct answers. All he did was tried his best to frustrate me, to blank me at every word. But I just had a smile and a positive attitude on my face and somehow we ended the technical questions.)

HR: So Shubham, Do you have any questions for me?
Me: Yes sir! Sir your organization is the big one and have sufficient expertise to build its own search engine. Wouldn\'t it be a good idea to have a search engine of its own?

HR: See there are low advantages of having that. Already the world is using free services from other search engines and they are performing really well. It will not profit organization that much. Also, there are the latest technologies on which the company is already working. So having a search engine is not a tough task for the company but it is affected by economic factors.

Me: Ohh...I get that sir. One more question from me sir.

HR: Yes Yes Sure.
Me: Sir being from the electrical background I want to know is company planning any renewable energy project currently or in future?

HR: See Shubham. We are not directly involved in the renewable energy market but yes we provide technologies to help the industries who are involved in this directly.

Me: Ok sir. I have been thinking about these questions only. I don\'t have any now.

HR: That\'s alright Mr. Shubham. It was nice to meet you. Shaked hand with me and I thanked him and left the room for the next.

Later in the evening, we got to know our result and it was the happiest moment for us. I got placed in my first interview.

I would like to give credit to my parents and thanks to all the team members of our placement cell and teachers for guiding us.