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Infosys Interview Experience - Haldia Institute of technology, Kolkata, 7th sept 2017
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Avi Srivastava
First of all, Best of luck to all the aspirants of INFOSYS. There is absolutely no need to take pressure or tension because what you are preparing for is not going to be that tough. But still you need to spare a considerable amount of time for preparation. I think 20-25 days of continuous preparation will do wonders.

Coming specifically to INFOSYS, if you are able to clear 1st round and you have a good communication skill, then my friend, you have got the job.

Infosys visited our college on 7th sept\'2017. It had shared its slot with Wipro. The day started with the PPT (Pre-placement talk) at 10 am which lasted for more than an hour. Here the HR will talk almost everything about the company, its various services, its rise from zero to zenith etc. Please note some of the key points here, example- Founder, CEO, Tag line and specially some good points about company. They may ask you in the interview "Why Infosys?".

After this, it was the time for the online test.
Just 2 rounds were there:
1. Aptitude ( Reasoning + Quantitative + Verbal Ability ).
2. Personal Interview (Technical + HR).

In Reasoning, there were 15 questions. You really need to brush up your skills in topics like Data interpretation , data sufficiency, syllogism and number series to clear this section. Level of questions-not very easy, not too difficult. Just relax your mind and start solving. Indiabix would be enough. Time limit for this section was 25 minutes. But believe me, time constraint is not going to create any problem in this section.

Regarding aptitude, there will be 10 questions. 5 questions will be easy, you will hardly take 10 min to solve those 5. But the rest 5 are going to create little problem. Those will be little complex and you really need to have some good approach to solve them. You are definitely not going to face much problems if you have solved these chapters multiple times from R.S Aggarwal-Permutations and combinations, probability, Numbers, Profit-loss, Time-distance . Well, this is the best book you can find in market. 1 or 2 complex problems from cryptarithmetic will be there, just google it now, it is really an easy one. Time limit for this section-35 min.

Coming to verbal ability, here they are not only checking your knowledge in English but your patience as well. This section is going to be little tough as compared to the above two. You really need to have a good knowledge of Basic English grammar that you have studied in your school days, because at present it would be difficult for you to pick up "Wren-n-Martin" and start studying tense, voice, narration etc.(You may try if you have time and patience.) In this section you will get 40 questions which include 2 paragraphs, sentence correction, spotting errors, jumbled sentences based on basic grammar. No synonyms and antonyms were asked. Indiabix will be good for practice. Time limit for this section-35 min.

Results came on the evening same day through WhatsApp and around 149 were selected among 800 students. Luckily I was one of them. Next day it was the time for personal interview. There were 8 panels. My interviewer started his day with me.

Me: May I come in sir?
Interviewer: Yes, Please come in.

Me: Good morning sir.
Interviewer: A very good morning child. Please have a sit.
Me: Thank you sir. (For god\'s sake, don\'t sit unless they ask you to do so.)

Interviewer: So I can see in your resume you have done your internship at Power-grid, so tell me some of the key points about what you learnt.
Me: Told confidently.

Interviewer: Tell me some daily life applications of what you learnt in your internship.
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Being from Electrical background, why do want to work with us?
Me: Told that I am equally good at basics of coding, data structures, DBMS and also I would love to work with a reputed company like Infosys.

Interviewer: Regarding C language, which topics you feel comfortable with?
Me: Basics of C, Functions, Pointers, Loops.

/* Then he asked me on a paper some very easy questions on for-loop, strings, arrays and pointers. Believe me, the questions were of direct applications and very easy to solve./*

Interviewer: OK, now tell me what you like to do in your spare time?(/*Basically he was asking my hobbies/*).
Me: Told confidently. I love to sing anywhere and everywhere.

Interviewer: So what are your chances of becoming the next Indian Idol?
(We both laughed).
Me: I am not a professional one. I just love singing. And my friends do appreciate me.

Interviewer: OK, consider yourself as a team member, what problems you may face and you have faced in your life while working in a team.
Me: Told boldly.

Interviewer: What do you do when you find yourself in a completely distressful situation?
Me:- Told honestly and confidently.

Interviewer: OK, Thank you so much. Any questions for me?
Me:- Yes sir, Infosys is among the top 5 in IT sector in India. What does it require to reach that position?
Interviewer: Replied honestly.
Me: Thank you sir. It was nice meeting you.

With this my interview ended. So basically I wanted to say that they are not going to check your technical knowledge, that they will anyhow teach you in their training module. Asking from training or project is common and they are basically checking your communication skills and your attitude towards your life. So on a summary, just brush up your skills for the online test, go through your industrial training key points nicely and be honest, confident and have a smile on your face during your interview, you would be able to make it.

Results came out next day evening on WhatsApp. Out of 149, 94 were selected from our college. Out of which 8 were from electrical. And luckily I was one of them..:-)

All the best for your future.