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You can easily solve all kind of questions by practicing the following exercises.

Infosys Interview Experience - NIEC, New Delhi, 16-17 October

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Hello people;

Infosys is the easiest to crack but You will be selected/shortlisted for interview only if you clear the first stage of Quant, Logical and Reasoning Computer based online test. So be sure you can manage 2 hours in front of the glare of the screen. The table was very large and the monitor at least 4 feet away and above that their tab window was very small. So I simply pulled my system towards myself, nobody else had simple the common sense and the person managing us was staring at me for a full 10 minutes.

Read and understand HR questions on IndiaBix, read and visualize previous year interviews and how to tackle them, know your advantage/disadvantage, describing yourself, your aim and college.

Know C and C++ as well as you know your phone in your pocket!

Infosys pattern has been changed from this year. Now there were 3 sections in the first test unlike 2 sections till last year. Make sure you know each section, it's time limit and no. and type of questions.

Coming to the day of judgement.

We were notified by our college much in advance about the interview schedule and other details - documents and other stationary.

The placement drive was a pool campus, held at NIEC, New Delhi for GTBIT. HMRITM and NIEC, totalling near 2400 students. We reached at 7.50 am but entry began at 8.30 am after checking validity of i-cards and documents. Some nerds and geeks were still memorizing formulas and stuff. I thought, jo hoyega, dekha jayega!

We were segregated on basis of our institutions and taken to separate halls. The company presentation was delayed by more than an hour and half due to some technical problem. My friends and I were sitting together starting to get bored and angry but they started anyway " A senior and elegant lady describing goals, dreams, difference between job and career, what Infosys does and training at Mysore etc. After that we were led into labs for the placement test. By this time I had started feeling a bit nervous, I drank some water and tried to remain calm, but couldn't. ".

They completed some formalities, checking application form, asking us to sign, write candidate id etc. Then asked us to start by entering some details into the system,

It had 3 sections:

1. Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking (15 questions, 25 minutes):

5 questions on Data Sufficiency no.of blue cubes, red cubes converted into green spheres type, 5 questions on Data Interpretation, 5 questions on syllogism, Syllogism were very very easy, piece of cake, max. 10 sec per question, but needed some calculation in Data Sufficiency. Do good practice.

2. Mathematical Critical Thinking (10 questions, 35 minutes):

5 questions on Sitting Arrangement, normal level, other 5 on range of quantitative like area of sector, ratio, coded calculations, allegations, speed, volume I found them easy but do practice.

3. English Communicative (40 questions, 35 minutes):

I found these easy but time consuming, simple concepts liked tenses, agreement of verb with subject, idioms etc. etc. and 2 very long and hidden information Reading Comprehension. Questions in statement analysis, assumptions etc. Take full care of time in this section.

After that we left as our paper was completed but they did not let us out. Some batches might still have had papers left? We friends and I were no relaxed and eating at the canteen. Then after 45 minutes or so, some official came and told us that results would be out by night 9-10 pm or so. So we left for home, anxious as to what would happen.

As I was waiting for results, my internet connection was lousy, MTNL in Delhi. Our college sent us the mail and I was aware that my exam had been better than my personal expectations but was really happy and satisfied when my name was in list of short listed candidates which also had many of my friends but only one of my two best friends was selected. But could barely revise C and C++ till next morning.

As again, we reached and were feeling nervous and scared. Many of the people were revising C, C++, Java, etc. I knew that the first question would be to tell about myself so I had practised it well.

Then we were sorted name wise "I was in R-Z group. Each group had a number of panels, I think maybe there were 20-25 panels for 3 colleges. They had some very strange strategy. They started by R, finished them and then picked S, going backwards and then T again from middle! It started at around 12 noon and 3 of my friends were done by 1 pm but my turn came around 4.45 pm. The previous 4 people had full programming questions so I thought mine would be same as well, but I was wrong and I was so scared that as I was entering the room I forgot everything and made first mistake - good morning, sir!

I opened the door and asked permission for coming in as I had read for interviews. The HR was a middle aged person maybe 40-45, very calm and supportive. He asked me to come in have a seat. I replied Good morning sir ohh sorry, I good afternoon sir. I think my watch is playing tricks on me. He smiled.

Are you nervous?
Yes sir, but I think I can deal with it; I wouldn't allow it to turn into pressure.

Very good, Ok, now, quick description of yourself?

He interrupted in between I was about to tell my favourite past time and asked fav. Subject
Communication Systems, sir.

Fm, Block diagram.
Told and explained.

I didn't know so refused politely.

Types of multiplexers.
Told one ;).

Half adder, full adder.
Told and explained.

Gates, can they be made with pn diodes?

Make low pass filter.

Can you make low pass filter only with diodes?

Build and fix model, waterfall model.


Op-amp integrator.
I thought that I should not refuse this or he will kick me out, I drew the basic but was confused with R and C connections. Jo dimaag m aya, thok diya, Thank God he didn't check it.

Tell me what you did in summer training.

What would you have done 5 years from now?

Okk, I think that's all you can leave.
Thank you sir.

As I was mid way between chair and door,

Do you mind being placed outside Delhi or India?

Ok, good to see you.
Thank you.

How much ever I tried to maintain eye contact, he was always looking at his papers or had his head leaned to back of chair and eyes closed! I was so tensed. :\'

The  results came at 12 pm at night and I was really happy to see my name in list of selected students. Yes See you at Mysore guys.

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