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Infosys Interview Experience - Kolkata, September 8th-9th, 2014

Posted By : Anik Mukherjee Rating : +208, -9
Hi guys.

My name is Anik and I am from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata.

I took part in the campus drive of Infosys organised in our college.

Without beating the bush, I will move on straight to the topic of questions and interview.

There will be 3 sections to this particular post.

1> Pre Placement Interview:

Activity: Representatives from Infosys will share their company's pros and cons (primarily pros).

Time: About an hour (what we experienced).


Some information you need to collect from this section: the 'who's of the company, your progression and potential job openings that you can pursue, talent sets required.


There were three sections to this particular test.

First things first.

An Aptitude test is an ELIMINATOR. So you have to do better than the rest.

So, let's move on to this section.

Part 1: Analytical thinking:

Topics covered: Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency, Syllogisms/Logical Venn diagrams.

Data Interpretation: Questions were easy. Really. You just need to keep your sense organs open, and check for minute tricks that have been played.

Remember something, they know what mistakes we will do. SO check the options carefully.

I will mention a bit of what was our question.

It was a pie chart. Different discipline (or streams if you want to call them) names were there. And a table was given below, which stated male and female ratios of each stream.

Questions were like- What is the number of male students in arts stream?

What is the number of female students who are in science or commerce?

Which streams have the same number of male students?

About the 3rd question, there were two options, in which, the first option stated two streams with equal percentage, and the fourth option stated three streams with equal percentage. I hastily ticked the first option without reading the fourth one.

SO READ ALL THE OPTIONS, and tick the most general one.  (Super set you may say).

Data Sufficiency: This is one pain in the backside. You have to know the basics from all quantitative concepts. Because without them, you don't know whether it is sufficient or not.

Be very careful about this section. It can be tricky. But if you read it well, it is easy actually.

Practice from R. S. Agarwal, this site, and other online sites.

Syllogism:Easy. Just get your basic senses of sets right. Practice a bit to know how things are going.

Gist of the thing is, the first section is easy, but it's a bit tricky. So keep your eyes open.

Time: 25 minutes.

No. Of questions: 15 minutes (Wont be a problem. ).

Part 2: Quantitative aptitude and Logical Reasoning (Quants and LR) :.

Easy. Know the basics.

Topics for practice: Quants: Time, Speed and Distance;Probability, Permutation and Combination;Series and Sequence (I got two of them) and other basic things.

LR: PUZZLES-MOST IMPORTANT;Blood relation (can come in the data sufficiency part as well) -Practice these topics from R. S. Agarwal, and then test your knowledge in this site.

Gist - Practice. Hard.

They are easy, but the easiness only concerns when you know the basics.

So really practice hard.

Time: 35 minutes.

No.of questions: 10 (I think it will be sufficient. ).

Part 3: Verbal Ability:

Tough. But doable.

What you have to do to get through the section: Develop reading habits from computer screen;Know your grammar right;you don't have to know all words, but try to judge what a word can mean by its looks.

Eg : You don't have to know what SYNCOPATED means, but try to judge what IMPERTINENT means from the view of the word.

We had two reading comprehension. Questions from it were not at all straight forward, and most people got offloaded from the aptitude test just because of this particular pair of five questions each. So, as I said earlier, read and comprehend.

Then, we had questions like, Choose the error, and among the sentence given, there were sections A, B, C, D. We had to tick which section was right. Advice-Know what two prepositions do to a particular verb. E. G. : Come round and come about-means different.

Again, Prepositions succeeding words like identical, compare, equal, same should be known.

Know where we use 'had been', 'had', 'was' and the counterparts of these in other tenses.

Then there were a couple of synonyms and antonyms (they were parts of the Reading Comprehensions). They were tough, but if you practice from this site or other good sites, they won't be much problem to you.

Gist, tough. But, you just have to do better than the rest. So, don't be shocked beforehand.

Time: 35 minutes.

Questions: 40 (Apparently this looks like the tightest margin, but believe me when I say that only reading the reading comprehensions will take your time. You can finish 5-6 minutes before completion).


Some advice for this particular aptitude test:

1>Keep calm. Take deep breaths before starting the exam.

2>If you can't do a particular question, skip it (if it's possible to go back to that question later. ).

3>Practice from different sites, different books to get ideas about different types of questions that can come.

4>When you can't get three or four consecutive questions, don't panic. Close your eyes for a while, get yourself sorted, and then resume your test. Trust me, it helps.

I cleared this round along with 313 others.

Let's go to the next round.


Infosys has only one interview round (at least it had one for us).

So, expect both HR questions and technical inquiry from the interviewer.

But before we move on to the questionnaire, I would like to share with you few tips that came handy for me.

I>Don't smoke before you enter an interview.

Ii>Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Iii>Be confident.

So I will now describe how my interview went.

I had a one-on-one session. But don't be surprised if there are three or more. Don't succumb just.

I entered, greeted the interviewer a very good morning, introduced myself as the next candidate and offered him my credentials. He shook my hands and asked me to sit down. Then it went as follows.

Q: So, Anik, Tell me about yourself.

A: Sir, my name is Anik Mukherjee and I am pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering in Heritage Institute of Technology. I have done my schooling from Nava Nalanda. Among my interests are writing, and playing football and cricket.

Q: So, you write?What do you write?

A: Short pieces and stories.

Q: Have you published any of those?

A: No sir, they are mainly meant as processes of introspection.

Q: Do you write blogs?

A: No sir, I read blogs however.

Q: Ok. So it's written in the CV that you are the departmental football team captain. Share your experience with me.

I answered with details about our tournaments.

Then he asked me about my participation in College Cricket team, and how I co-ordinated events in our cultural college fest.

I won't go into details of that and move forward to what he asked from technical parts.

Q: So, you have mentioned C as a computer language you are proficient in. What do you know about pointers?

I answered with elucidating examples.

Then he asked me about what do I know about Data Structures and asked me to say a few words about a favorite data structure of mine.

I chose linked list and explained its working with an example.

The next question was Bubble sort and its mechanism.

NOTE: When you are asked about a sorting technique, try to first mention facts that make this particular technique different from others. Then, if you know, move on to time complexity, and memory complexity parts. The latter part is completely optional, and must only be mentioned when you know what you are saying.

Then I was asked about Latest trends in IT industry.

I mentioned Cloud computing.

I was immediately asked what it was, and why will a client ask for anything like cloud?

I answered.

Then I was asked questions like what was my project, what I did in that particular project and what I developed and learnt from that project.

Then, I was asked about my experiences in college, my role as the coordinator of a gaming tournament in the college.

Lastly, I was asked "Why Infosys?".

I answered: Sir, I have many seniors who have worked or are working in your company. They have praised your organisation.  (Mention a few things from the pre placement talk to clarify what they have praised) Besides, your training is renowned for its professionalism and quality. So I would feel esteemed to be a part of your company since I would like to pursue a job in the software domain.

After this reply, he said that he was done with the interview, and said that I can leave.

All this took only 5-7 minutes. So, it won't be very long.

Advice: 1> Look formal, smell good and exhibit intent and purpose.

2>Write words in CV that you have idea about. Don't mention anything for the sake of it.

3>Take care that your curriculum gets the preference in your CV than your extra and co-curricular activities.

4>Read basics of C like Pointers, loops, precedence of operators, differences between structure, union, enum etc, sizes of different data types and variation of a few with bit-size of OS, macros and correct forms of defining them.

5>Get your concepts right about linked list, stack, queues. Know what operation can be done on each, and how to implement them.

Know different sorting techniques (upto merge and quick sort for non-CS/IT students).

And know why we prefer one over others.

Give a read to different types of trees and graphs-just their features and distinguishing factors.

6>Interview is easy. If you have cracked the aptitude, you can crack this too.

I managed to get placed at Infosys.

I know I wrote too much, but just was trying to help you.

Hope you have a very good campus drive, and get placed at infosys.

All the best everyone.

Give it your best shot.

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