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Infosys Interview Experience - Gandhinagar, June 12, 2014.

Posted By : Akshat Shah Rating : +48, -5
There was an off campus drive held at LDRP-ITR, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on June 11-12, 2014. A total number of 11 colleges from Gujarat like VGEC, L.D, GEC (Sec-28, Gandhinagar), LDRP-ITR, GIT, R.K, V.V.P, Atmiya, Indus, U.V Patel were invited.

Around 2000 students are there.

The process directly started and there was a pre-placement talk and an online test first.

Let me first talk about the online test,
It was divided into two parts.

1st part consists of verbal and non verbal reasoning.

Topics were:

1) Syllogism (both 2 and 3 sentence).(moderate)
2) Data Interpretation.(very lengthy-calculator required)
3) Odd man out from images.(easy)
4) Data Sufficiency.(easy)

This part consists of 30 questions to be attempted in 40 minutes. There were total of six topics but I don't remember the remaining two topics. Please refer other reviews for the remaining topics. It was quite easy, in fact too easy if you have appeared for placement exams before.

2nd part was communicative English as there were 40 questions to be attempted in just 30 minutes.

Topics in this section were:

1) Comprehension (2).(very lengthy and very less time for it)
2) Theme detection.(easy)
3) Correcting the underline word.(moderate)
4) Finding error and replacing with proper words from options.(moderate)

If you are not good at English, it is better to start your preparation first for this part.

Indiabix. Com and R.S. Agrawal are enough but do prepare from other higher level materials like CAT, GRE etc as my online examination was quite tough than I ever expected from reading reviews on There were actually two slots of exams, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I had the exam in afternoon session.

In exam total around 2000(around 250 from my college) were appeared and 282(only 12 from my college-very bad performance of my college students :'( ) were shortlisted for interview.

I am from GEC (Government Engineering College, Sector 28, Gandhinagar) and from our college they had shortlisted as I said before only 12 candidates and I was one of them. Our interview was scheduled on very next day of the exam.

The reporting time was 2 PM on June 12 and we all were waiting for our turn, my turn came at 7 PM.

I: May I come in sir?

H.R: yes come in. Please be seated and wait for 5 minutes please till I come.

(After 10 minutes)
I: Good evening sir.
H.R : Good evening.

I: How are you doing today sir?
H.R : I am doing great Akshat, what about you?

I: I am fine sir.

H.R: So Akshat, tell me about yourself.
I: Told about myself, education and hobbies.  (Well, I told him my hobbies are watching movies, playing table-tennis, pool, social networking and philosophy ).

H.R: Oh, PHILOSOPHY! What do you do as a philosopher? Can you elaborate?
I: I would love to have a debate on if there exists god, why some beliefs you believe etc etc.

H.R: Can you give me one example about philosophy you have done ?
I: Yes. Once, one of my friend got very low marks in the 12th grade and he believed that god don't exist and there is no justice that god ever do. So I along with my other friends suggested him to pursue engineering, and today, he is in 4th semester of computer engineering and doing really good in his academics.

H.R: So you are saying that your friend is in 2nd year of college and you've passed out the college. How did you meet?
I: Sir we both live in the same society so that is how we met and became friends.

H.R: Okay I got it.(Seeing my mark-sheets) See you got very low percentage in your bachelor's (63.7%).In 10th, it was good,12th, it was okay, but here in 2nd semester, it shows that you got failed in Engineering Graphics. What was the reason behind it?
I:I don't know why I failed sir.

H.R: Oh really! Why you don't know ?
I: Sir, I got 20/30 marks in college mid-semester examination in this subject and passing  marks in university exam is 23/70. So, I really don't know why I had failed because I was good at Engineering Graphics and I gave good answers in the paper. Yet, I applied for rechecking, but it was no help and then I gave the block examination and I passed in the subject.

H.R: Still Akshat, your 3rd semester marks are good but in 4th and 1st semester,you didn't get good marks. Why?
I: In 4th semester, I took part in various curricular activities and in 1st semester, I had done social work for an NGO.

H.R: Okay. But now in 5th semester you got only 6.10 spi !
I: In 5th semester, there was a life-changing event took place in my life as my father was diagnosed with brain hemorrhage so I couldn't concentrate on my studies at that time but then I recovered in studies as I got good grades in 6th and 7th semester, sir.

H.R: Tell me two weakness of yours.
I: I am an introvert person and very passionate to hard-work person !

H.R: Oh, one side you say that you are a philosopher and now you say you are an introvert. How is it possible?
I: Sir I do philosophy only with my friends and I don't do very much interactions with unknowns.

H.R: Okay. Tell me about your final semester project.
I: Explained in depth the whole project as it was based on android application development.

H.R: Tell me two difficulties you had in the project.
I: As a non-CSE guy, it was very difficult to design and develop an android application for industrial use but even then, I designed the whole application !

H.R: What is non-CSE?
I: Non-Computer Science Engineering, sir.

H.R: Okay, I got overview of your project. Very nice work!
      So, you are from GEC, Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Tell me what were your core                  subjects.
I: Told names of four subjects.

H.R: What is your favorite subject?
I: Industrial Measurements.

H.R: Can you walk me to the subject once?
I: Yes sir. Told about the whole subject in brief.

H.R: See, I don't see a desire in you to learn computer languages, computer technologies as you said you are a non-CSE person.
I: It's not like that sir. I am a quick learner and very good learner.

H.R: Okay, I am done with your interview.
I: Okay. Shall I leave sir?

H.R: Yeah sure. One last question, Do you ave any problem with reallocation?
I: No sir.

H.R: Are you ready to leave Ahmedabad?
I: Yes sir.

H.R: Okay. You can leave now.
I: Thank you for your time sir. Have a nice time.

And at 7:45 PM, my interview was completed.

Be confident and be positive after all positivity is the key to success.

Results were declared on June 14, Saturday night, but we got result on June 15, Sunday as our TPO maybe asleep at the night of June 14 when results were declared and I was awake the whole night waiting for my result and they had selected 6 out of 12 from my college(2 students from Instrumentation and Control Engineering). And I was one of them:).

And now, I am the first one in my whole department placed at a big MNC :)
Really very happy !

Thanks to, it would not be possible without you guys. Thanks a lot :).

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