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Infosys Interview Experience - Kolkata, 28th March, 2014

Posted By : Saikat Chowdhury Rating : +69, -1
Hi guys,

Myself Saikat, from RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata. I am from CSE Dept. I have attended INFOSYS pool campus on 28th March, 2014. At B. P. Poddar Institute, Kolkata, the 1st round i.e. The Online Aptitude Test occurred.

No. Of students attended : Approx. 330 (from our college).


As we all know, this round is mainly divided into two sub-rounds, 1) Analytical Reasoning & 2) English.


This part is VERY easy. You don't need to be super intellectual or something like that. You can make it just by studying a week (believe me, I did that!). You can practice this part from or any other similar websites. I prefer IndiaBix because here the questions are not very tough yet sufficient. You can consult books like Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R S. Agarwal. NO QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE practice is needed. Those who are afraid of doing the Maths part. Guys, go and take a nap!

Important Areas: In my test, I got questions from Syllogism, Classification, Odd one out, Passages (1. Who was born on what day, 2. Who stole what part of computer, 3. Who got which position in race).

NOTE: You will get 40 mins for 30 questions.

Take a deep breath or two before starting. DON'T do the passages first because those are lengthy and can waste a lot of time. Just skip them at first and solve other problems. Then at the end, take the passages.


Probably, you will be told that this part is very tough. Trust me, it IS NOT! If you are good (or not so good) in English, still you have the chance to score 100%. Yeah, I am not exaggerating. For practice, you can google Infosys Placement Paper. You may find some pdfs where this English portion is given. For more, you can practice the Comprehension part from R. S. Agarwal.

Important Areas: In my test, I got questions mainly from Sentence Correction, Error Detection, Cause and Effect, Spotting Errors.

NOTE: You will get 35 mins for 40 questions.

You will be automatically directed to this part after submitting the previous Analytical part. As I always say, skip the passages first. Let me tell you one thing, the comprehension passages will be very very lengthy! So, if you even try to solve them first, your 35 mins will be gone before answering anything. Don't worry, solve the other questions first. Basic knowledge in grammar will do. Solving the passages is a tricky thing. Maximum students try to find the given question in the passage. But, I think it will cost you more time. So, just go through the passage very quickly. Then answer the questions. It will be easy.

This Aptitude part is the main Hurdle to pass. If you can dodge this, there is above 85% chance to score a goal! One thing always keep in mind that You Must Keep Your Cool during the test.

The next day, results were declared. Out of those 330+ students, 88 were selected and I was one of them.


My Interview was on 1st April (I know what you are thinking. No it wasn't April Fool prank!). The interview was held at Techno India College, Saltlake.

As I said earlier, once you clear the Aptitude test, you are almost through. But, to conquer the 'almost' part, you have to face the interviewer! The interviewers of Infosys are considered as the 'coolest'. So, don't worry, just be Smart and Smile (not all the time of course only during the interview).

Our reporting time was 8 am. First, the co-ordinators called our names and divided us in small groups. There were about 25 panels (1 interviewer in each panel). I was assigned to Panel 14.

They had taken my photocopies of mark-sheets and my CV earlier. My call came around 9.45 am.

ME: May I come in, Sir?

INTERVIEWER (age between 35 and 40) : Yeah sure, come in.
ME: Thank You, Sir. May I take the seat?

INT: Please be seated.
ME: Thank You.

INT: So Saikat, please tell me something about yourself (This is a must question).
ME: Told.

INT: Okay (while looking at my CV) , now tell me, why do you wanna join Infosys?

ME: Sir everyone knows that it is the largest and one of the fastest growing next generation IT company in the world. But, one thing that attracts me most is its concept of 'campuses' rather than 'offices'.  (Tell them something unique about Infy. For that, you have to do a 'research' on it).

INT: Why does it attract you?
ME: Told.

INT: Now tell me, what do you know about Pointers in C?
ME: Told.

INT: What type of programming have you done in Java?
ME: Basic Core Java programmings.

INT: Do you know the difference between Private Class and Public Class? Explain.
ME: Told.

INT: Now, tell me what is your favorite Sorting technique and Why?
ME: Told.

INT: What are databases you use?
ME: Oracle.

INT: What is main function of DBMS?
ME: Told.

INT: What is RDBMS?
ME: Sorry Sir, I don't know (yeah. I really didn't know!).

INT: (With a smile) Its absolutely ok. Listen, we are not here to judge you whether you are right or wrong. We just want to have a conversation with you. So, can we continue?

ME: Sure Sir!

INT: (Seeing Film-making as my hobby) What kind of Films have you made?
ME: Told.

INT: (After having a loooong discussion on recent trends in Bengali films) Tell me about your final year project.

ME: Sir can I get a paper? (Here, they check whether you can simply make them understand your project or not. They prefer the use of papers. ) Told a brief about my project.

INT: Asked a lot of tricky questions to judge my Leadership and Team management quality (Like, how do you resolve the conflicts between your project team members, do you feel frustrated sometimes etc. ).

INT: Okay, now there are two usual questions. Do you have a problem in relocation? Do you know about the bond?

ME: Told.

INT: Do you have any questions for me?
ME: Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Sir, I would like to have a feedback on my performance so far.

INT: I am very sorry, I can't give you that now. Once results are declared, you will know. Anything else?
ME: No sir. Nice to meet you. Thank You.

INT: Welcome!

And thus my Interview was over. It was about 25 mins in the room but I didn't feel any pressure. As I said, they are very cool. The results were announced the next day and I am happy to say that I cleared the Last Hurdle! Now, I am a part of the Infosys Family!

NOTE: As they say, "We will not eat you!", you just need to be confident about yourself that you can make it! That's it. Just be careful about the following things and you are through!

- DON'T LIE! They are experienced enough to catch in a moment.

- Prepare the project well. They ask a lot of questions from there.

- Don't complicate things while answering. Just use simple words. They check how simply you can explain things.

- Don't even think to worry about the English speaking problem. They don't check whether you are using heavy words or not. I, myself, am from Bengali medium and had a lot of problem in communication. But, it will be all good.

- Brush up your basics about the technical subjects.

I know you are getting bored of reading this long historic post! Just want to conclude by saying two things.

- Believe in GOD! He will make things right at the right time.

- The Infosys guys don't want to Reject people. So, its your duty not to give them the chance to do so!

I am now waiting for my joining letter.

Total no.of students attended: 330+.
No.of students after 1st round: 88.

Finally selected: 55.

Meet you @Mysore. ALL THE BEST!

Infoscion Saikat.

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