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1-5 Questions:

On a rolling 6 dice, it is found that
1.Three of dice show the same number
2.Only one die shows 6
3.Not more than 3 dice show 4 or more.

1. What is the maximum possible total numbers on the faces,if the three dice having same number show 2?
A) 14        B)  22   C)  11   D)   9

2. Wt is the max total if 4 of the dice show less than 4?
A) 28   B) 31  C)  17  D)  22

3.Wt would be the max total if 3 dice are faulty and have only 5 on all faces?
A)30   B)25  C) 34  D) Not possible

4.If only 1 die shows 1, wt is the max number of dice with number greater than 4?
A) 3   B)  1  C)  2  D) Cant be determined

5. Wt is the max number that can be on the face of the 3 dice which shows the same number?
A)  2  B)  4  C) 3  D)  5

6-10) Figure Series-- Refer RS Agarwal Reasoning


1.If the que can be answered by using one of the stmt alone,but cannot be answered using the other stmt alone.
2.If the que can be answered by using either stmt alone.
3.If the que can be answered by using both stmst together,but cannot be answered using either stmt alone.
4.If the que cannot be answered even by using both stmts together.

11.A,B,C,D and E are sitting around a table on five chairs which r numbered 1,2,3,4, and 5. The highest aged person sits on the highest numbered chair and the least aged person sits on the lowest numbered chair. If their ages are in A.P, find the age of C.
1. D is the oldest with the age 52 and he is sitting on chair 5.
2. The Common difference in the AP is 2 and C is sitting on chair 3.

12. A Person is called tall if his height is greater than or equal to 6ft.How many of the five persons:A,B,C,D,E---are tall?
1.True: One of the five persons height is 5ft.9 inches and at least three of them posses the height greater than 6ft.
2.False: At least two of them hve their height less than 6ft.

13.Sukanta, Basisth, Stuti, Shikha, Mandar and Ritu are sitting around a circular table. Sukanta, Basisth and mandar are males while the rest are females. Who are the neighbours of Sukanta??
1.Stuti does not want any mals as her neighbour and shikha does not want to sit along the side of sukanta.
2.Mandar does not want any female as his neighbour and wants to sit to the left of Basisth.

14.CAP,SIP,TAP,IPS,ECS are the top five coaching institutes in India.Which one is the oldest?
1.CAP is older than SIP and TAP but not older than IPS.
2.ECS is older than SIP and TAP but not older than CAP.

15. A,B,C,D,E visit five different cities-P,Q,R,S,T,Though not necessarily in the same order.A  does not go to P,B does not visit Q, and so on. Which city is visited by D?
1.A and C visit the cities Q and S respectively,while B does not visit City T
2.D will visit either R or T.  


Note: Total Electricity Consumption = per capita Consumption*Population;bn-Billion, mn-million.

16. Industrial consumtion of power doubled from 1980-81 to 1993-94. By how much percentage did the total power consumption grow from 1980-81 to 1993-94.
1. 45%  2. 150%  3. 190%  4.Cant be determined

17. If in 1993-94, a total of 246.2 billionkwh of power was consumed,howmuch power was consumed by the agricultural sector?
1. 72,500 mn kwh   2.73,860mn kwh  3.738bn kwh  4.75 bn kwh

18.Per capita consumption of power in the country has increased from 100 kwh in 1980-81 to 283 kwh in 1993-94,whereas the population increased from 64 crore to 87 crore.By how much % did the consumption of the Agricultural sector increase from 1980-81 to 1993-94(approx)?
1. 500%  2. 540%  3.600%  4. 700%

19. If a total of 357.8 bn kwh of electricity was generated in 1993-93 and 246.2 on kwh was consumed,how many sectors consumeption was higher than the losses in distribution of electricity(losses in distribution =electricity generated-electricity consumed)?
1. 0   2. 1   3. 2   4. 3

20. In how many sectors did the consumption in terms of % of total consumption has increased from 1980-81 to 1993-94?
1. 1    2. 2    3. 3    4. 4

21-25) Amit,Avinash,Gobind,Pramod and Ashok are five students of delhi university.They belong to five different states,i.e, UP,TamilNadu,Maharashtra,Haryana and Gujarat But not in the same order.Fortunately,they get appointment letters and are posted in these five states.But none of them is posted in his home state.Ever 2 persons are associated with at least three states.Each person likes a different folk dance, i.e,Tippani, Gagor, Kavadi, Dahikala  and  Jhora.
1.One who lives in maharashtra does not like gagor and one who is posted in UP likes nither Gagor nor Dahikala.
2.One who is posted in TamilNadu likes Jhora while Gobind likes Kavadi.
3.Amit's home state is haryana while he is posted in Gujarat .
4.Avinash and Gobind are not associated with UP.
5.Ashok, Gobind and Pramod are posted in home states of pramod,Avinash and Gobind respectively.

21. One who likes Kavadi is posted in
a) Haryana b) Maharashtra c)Tamilnadu d)Noneofthese

22.One who is posted in UP likes
a)Gagor  b)Dahikala  c) Tippani d) Kavadi

23.Avinash is posted in the home state of
a) Amit  b)Gobind c)Pramod d) Noneofthese

24.Which of the following pairs is not associated with 4 states?
1. Ashok-Avinash          2.Pramod---Avinash
3.Gobind---Amit           4.Pramod-Gobind

25.Which of the following stmts is correct?
1.Amit's home state is haryana and he is posted in TamilNadu
2.Gobind likes Dahikala, a folk dance of Maharashtra .
3.Pramod's home state is UP; he likes either Jhora or Tippani; and he is posted in Gujarat
4.None of these

26-30) In each question, a set of six stmts is given,followed bye four answer choices.Each of the answer choices has a combination of three stmts from the given set of six are required to identify the answer choices in which the stmts are logically related.

26) A. All cats are goats
B.All Goats are dogs.
C.No goats are cows
D.No goats are dogs
E.All Cows are dogs
F.All dogs are cows
1. FAB     2. ABE   3.AFB    4.ABF

27) A.Some lids are nibs
B.All hooks are lids.
C.All hooks are nibs
D.No lid is a nib
E.No lid is a hook
F.No nib is hook
1.EFD    2. BCA  3.DEA    4.CDA

28) A. All MBA's are logical
B. Sudir is rational.
C. Sudhir is a logical MBA
D.Sudhir is a man
E.Some men are MBA's
F.All men are rational.
1. DEC  2. EAF   3. BCF     4.FDB

29)A.Competitive examinations are tough to pass.
B.Thre is heavy competition in any field.
C.No student can pass MAT
D.Very few students can pass MAT.
E.MAT is  a competitive examination
F MAT is tough to pass
1. AEF   2.ABC   3.DFB   4.CDE

30)  A. All Pens are knives
B. All knives are spoons
C. No knives are pens
D.No knives are spoons.
E.All pens are spoons.
F. All spoons are pens.  
1. ABE  2. ABF   3. AFE    4. DBE

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