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Posted By : Ankit Dikshit Rating : +22, -0
Hi Friends

I am Ankit Dikshit of MIET, Meerut. Infosys, the best IT company visited the campus of GLA, Mathura on 26th feb, 2008. Five colleges including GLA, Mathura as a host, MIET, Meerut, KIT Kanpur, BSA Mathura n one more collge. I didn't remember the name were invited for pool campus with their approximately 1000 candidates.

The criteria for eligibly of the candidates was 60% through out (at least 60% in 10th, 12th and Btech agg). Now I m sharing u my experiences wid infy initialising it with my feeling when I was not selected in the company visited MIET on 10th, I guess.

Just Don't Forget:
1. Believing ur God and urself is best key for success
2. Visiting previous papers, as I m really thankful to it for reencrypting my success story.
3. Spend proper time on resume making, collecting correct information about the selection procedure of the company, as sometimes u might of following old patterns of the company.
4. I always say "It only depends on your single Good Day, Luck Matters Alott!!"

We encountered with two rounds at infy, first was written and second HR Round. Written round is basically a rejection round, as only 73 out of 1000 were selected in written, just 7.3% my frn. While HR is the selection round, have selected 60 (50 from MIET, yippy!!!) and even give second chance to remaining 13 those who did not perform well in first HR (acc. To infy ).

Round#1: Written (two sections logical reasoning: ques: 30, time: 40 min
And verbal reasoning (english): ques; 40, time: 35 min.)

Books: RS Aggarwal Verbal Non Verbal, RS Agg. Apti for Data Interpretaion only, GMAT Barron 10th edition, for English section

Not much requirement of shakuntala devi for written, it may sometimes be asked in HR only.

Subjects: Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning,


Puzzles: In this paper of infy, I encountered with two puzzles in written

Question 1-5. there were 4 girls, A, B, C, D. they decided to divide any of the gift in 4 equal parts. So when uncle of A, bring some cookies for A, she divided them in four equal parts. Then she decided to eat her share, as she was hungry that time. Just after that, B arrives, then she divided the remaining cookies in four equal parts. Then A, B decided to eat their shares, By keeping C and Ds share. After that c arrives n divided that remaining share, again into four parts and eaten their respective shares. Finally wen D arrives, n divided it into four parts and d gets 3 cookies.

From this puzzle we get five questions like how many cookies A's uncle brought? Etc.

5 more questions from Another puzzle which was on relation, point to remember is they provide the information in question directly, but many frnz of mine got confused tht how it could b happen?. For example, A, B, C is engineer, doctor and teacher respectively. A's wife is (bla, bla, bla), so look the word respectively, which was proven excellent for my selection.(practice chapter 6, puzzle test of RS Agg, v-nv reasoning )

Five questions on data interpretation pie chat which was on import and export, two pie charts were given (practice RSA Apti, DI section)

5 questions on Syllogism, really a scoring and easy section don't ever think of not practising syllogism. Just go though nine rules of solving these questions from RSA verbal non verbal.

5 questions from data sufficiency, I donno from where to prepare it, but prepare this section also, if u can..this was my worst attempt.

5 questions from series (picture series), practice It from chapter 1, part 2, of RSA verbal non verbal. It was my best attempt, my funda was just compare the step by step changes in the given figure and put ur logic.

Believe me the sections of the reasoning part was easy, u have to be serious for infy's written coz, written is the round, wher they requires the leat.

Now for verbal section u have to make ur basic grammar strong, attempt the given passages in the end. They are time consuming. I found ten questions on two passages, while 10 questions on sentence correction where you have to go through barron, you should an idea of parallism, clauses, tenses and above average vocabulary.

10 questions on  fill in the blanks, sinlge question on vocab, 5 questions on theme detection (the level was gud, no use of reading the chapter given in RSA, just read Barron for this also).

After this written, I been to my frnz (nigam) place in vrandaban, where I came to know that my written is clear.

Here, I m sharing my tête-à-tête with HR,

Me: may I come in sir?
Hr: yes, please.
(I move inside and simply sit on chair bindass!!)

Hr: have I asked u to sit?
Me: sorry, sir, my faux pas (really apologize for my this negative decorum and stand on my position)

Hr: can I have ur resume plz?
Me: sure sir!

Hr: so, u seems to be a guy with leadership quality, do u believe in compromises?
(He was going through my resume)
Me; yes sir

Hr: can u tell me any of the instance where your compromises take over your leadership?
Me: sir, I was on stage....blablabla...

Hr: ok, mr ankit tell me about urself (very common question)
Me: I m Ankit Dikshit....bla bla bla..

Hr: National Level Table tennis player?? (design ur resume in the manner u want hr to ask question from) what was the round u attended at national level?

Me: sir, we reached upto quarter finals..blab la bla..

Hr: (in continuation in asking me questions from my resume) What's this band performed live at sahara samay nationals?

Me: actually sir, we are having "tatva' the first rock band of Meerut ...bla bla bla... (This was the point I was waiting to be asked by him, and after this I simply hold him while telling him all of my assets like innovative, confident, believes in unity and team work, my experiences etc..

This was the time when I noticed him smiling.. seems to be that I was satisfied with what I have written in my resume is true)

Hr: so Ankit, r u from UP?
Me; yes sir!

Hr: UP is having a great importance in Indian politics, can u name any five prime ministers from UP?
Me: yes sir, I can .. They are pandit Jawahar lal Nehru, indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, atal bihari Vajpayee, ......

Hr: (I was in between) u belongs to Meerut ..
Me: (interrupting him) n of course ch. Charan singh (he smiles), vp singh, chandrashekhar..

Hr: (smiling) great mr Ankit, u seems to be an intelligent guy, I m impressed!
(he raised my confidence level)

(during these hr interview we found that infy was focusing by questioning on ur general knowledge and current affairs)

Hr: u know u are the first candidate out of seven, yet. To answer this question. And last candidate said " sorry sir, I don't have any interest in politics" what u say, about  Him?

Me; no comments sir, its his angle of observations, I cant say any thing about him.

Hr: which is the smallest country of the world?
Me; its Vatican city sir.

Hr: interesting, which movie u have watched, last?

Me: (yaar here I was confused, donno wht was the last, even I could answer here my favourite movie or movie which was clicked in my mind, but believe me no movie in my mind, as he changes my area of thinking with a nick of second, I think thts y I was answer less)

HR: have u seen "chak de india "?

Me; (replied with confidence) yes sir, even its my favourite movie (it was my jabardast wapasi in the game called HR interview)

Hr: which was ur favourite scene?

Me; when Shahrukh khan says "pehli baar kisi gore ko tiranga lehrate hue dekh raha hu" (I replied in hindi only) and also the team spirit of the players and also the compromise which we were talking initially, chautala, the tiny girl from Haryana passes the ball to preeti sabarwal and said "dikha de uss londe ko", when both of them were having same number of goals through out thw world cup, this shows the spirit of working for the nation and same law is glimpsed when u r working for your company like infy, if I clear the interview, you have to put ur ego aside n have to work in team with compromises and hardwork" And that's why "chak de india" is my favourite movie

(here I showed him, I like those qualities and follow those qualities which are best for any of the company)

Hr; (smile) fine Ankit, you can go now!
Me: nice meeting sir!!

So frns, finally after cross-fingered wait of 3 hours we came to know, that 50 including me from MIET are infosian, now.

We have had a meeting with  HR team of infy wher they told us noms and conditions etc.

So guys!!!  Belief in God and in urself, is the key for success.

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