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An artist has exactly seven paintings -T,U,V,Y,X,Z,W  from which she must choose exactly five to be in an exihibit  .Any combination is acceptable provided it leads the following conditions:

1 if T is chosen, X cannot be chosen
2 if U is chosen, Y must also be chosen
3 if V is chosen, X must also be chosen

1] which one of the folloeing is an acceptable combination of paitings for exihibit
a  T,U,V,X,Y        b  T,U,V,Y,Z         c  T,W,X,Y,Z        d  U,V,W,Y,Z         e  U,V,W,Z,Y
Ans E
When is T present  X should be excluded so above case is failed. when V is there X must be there .

2] if painting T is chosen to be among the painting included in the exihibit which one of the follwing cannot be chosen.
a U          b V       c W            d Y             e Z
Ans B

3]which on e fo the following substitution can the artist always make without violating restrictions affecting the combination of painting given thatb the painting mentioned first was not, and the painting mentioned first was not and the painting mentioned second was ,originally going to be chosen?
A T replaces V     B U replaces Y       C V replaces X    D W replaces Y     E  Z replaces W
Ans E

4] if the artist chooses painting V to be included among the painting  in the exhibit, which one of the following  must be true of that combination of painting :
A  T is not chosen     B  Y is not chosen    C  U is chosen    D  W is chosen    E.  Z is chosen
Ans A
When V is there, X included. that's why.

2.There are some apple if it arranged  3,5,7,9 rows get 1 reminder but if it is arranged 11 no reminder. how many apples are there ?
sol (3*5*7*9)+1=946

4. In a family son age is 5 times daughter, wife age is 5 times daughter age, father is 2 times wife, summation of all their  age is 81 find son age?
let the age of the daughter x
then the age of son is 5x
then the age of mother is 5(5x)= 25x
age of father will be 2 times wife so 2( 25x) =50x
x+5x+25x+50x= 81
hence son's age is 5(1) = 5yrs

5 there are a die. In many ways can you arrange 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the faces of the die such that 1&6 , 2&5 , 3&4 always remain on opposite faces.

1&6 can be placed in four ways  similarly 6&1 can be placed in four ways .so 4+4=8ways

2&5 can be placed in four ways  similarly 5&2 can be placed in four ways .so 4+4=8ways.

3&4 can be placed in four ways  similarly 4&3 can be placed in four ways .so 4+4=8ways.
Hence total is 8+8+8=24ways

6 Due to some defect in our elevator, I was climbing down the staircase. I had climbed down just 7 steps when I saw professor Zorkoski on the ground floor. Continuing to walk down, I greeted him & I was surprised to see that when I was yet to get down 4 steps to reach the ground floor, professor had already finished the climbing up 2 steps for every 1 of mine. How many steps did the staircase have?

Approach: total steps be x
Steps covered by person after prof starts climbing from bottom = x-(7+4)
Because already 7 steps over and 4 more steps remaining .
2( x-(7+4))=x
2( x-11)=x
ans 22 steps

7) There are five persons in an office in the post of buyer, clerk, footwalker, manager,cashier. Allen, Benett, Clark, Ewinger, Davis holds the post.
1. Among the 5 two have their lunch time from 11:30- 12:30 and the rest have it in 12:30 -1:30
2. Mrs Allen and Mrs Benett are sisters.
3. Cashier and clerk share their lunch among themselves.
4. Two Bachelors share their rooms.
5. Davis and Ewinger doesn't face each other from the day Davis reported Ewinger to the Manager when he returned from lunch and found out that Ewinger has already left for lunch before time.

I am sorry it was asked for 8m but I did not attempt it.

8) There were three suspects for a robbery that happened in a bank  dennis ,jack and bruce ( this name not sure). each of them saying that I did not do it and the other two had done it. police found that dennis was lying. who is the culprit.?
 You can see who lied. its Dennis . he is the robber.

9) there was a question about two bank robbers, a known forger, black mailer. john, brown. Smith, jack. the forger has worked with one of the bankrobbers. john is not one of the bank robbers. don't worry its easy. you cn figure it out by reading the question carefully. you have to find out whose the forger.
the answer is smith.

10) I don't remember the question exactly but it was some captain and his four men they all want to have fun so they play a game it's a race.something like one comes first then other is second read the question twice, thrice.
the sol is captain lafoot is fourth, john long is second and will kidd is first. Check once , I am quite sure. But still you check it.

I wrote 10 companies in the past but did not get placed. that's because everyones destiny is written somewhere. work hard on the dream company of yours. Like me u will also be in infosys someday. see you all their guys. Good luck. Hope this helps you.

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