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Hi Friends

I am a 2006 MCA fresher. First of all Many Many Thanks to this wonderful site and thanks to Friends Mam and all the members who submit the papers. I got thru the INFY test. Previous  papers helped me a lot in getting thru the exam.In the test 9 out of 10 came from prev papers and now I am waiting for the interview result. So u can understand from this how helpful prev papers are. U can easily get thru if u go thru them.

I suggest everyone to do Shakuntala devi 2 books and George Summers (first part of the book) prior to getting a call from INFY so tht when u get the hall ticket( u will get it before 10 days atleast) u can juz go thru those books and then read all prev papers which will be very helpful.

These r the questions in my test.

1) A person gets his old book binded. but he finds that the page numbers are cut he starts numbering the pages. During the process he find that 3 is encountered  61 times. Can u tell, how many pages were there in book?
Ans: 300 pages

3 encountered once= 3,13,23,30...32,34..39,43,53,63,73,83,93....300=55 times
3 encountered twice=33,133,233= 6 times

Hence Ans is 300 pages.

2) J and K are playing some cricket matches. If K wins, then J would have won the same no. of matches as K. But if J wins the match , then till  now he would have won twice the number of matches won by K. Find the number of matches they have each won till now.
Ans: K=2, J=3

Approach:   K+1=J
solving we get K=2 and J=3

3) There are two trains. One from New York to Washington and second from Washington to New  York. The total journey to a destination takes 5 hours.  A train from New York to Washington leaves on hour at every hour The train from Washington to New York leaves an hour and on half an hour. How many trains will be passing if you are traveling from New York to Washington?
Ans :  19 trains

Approach :
for every 1 hour the the train traveling from New York 2 wash.. it will meet 4 trains because earlier trains from washington.. 2 ny will meet.
so 1h====4
    5h===?(20)  but last train will reach the station (wash..)and still wash.. train is there in platform
so 20-1==19.

4) There was a cycle race going on. 1/3th of the those in front of a person and 3/4th of those behind him gives the total number of  participants. How many people took part in the race?  (3 marks)    
Ans : 13

Let the total number of participants be X
So, [(x-1)/3 + 3(x-1)/4] = X

5) New question. It was lil complex but we can do it. I tried it at last.
There were 5 persons ex.A,B,C,D,E  and they were shooting at a sight n then cond were given
It contains 5 no. of people. They gave 5 conditions and asked to find the ranks of the 3 people.
I tried it and answered but cud not rem sorry.

6) An artist has exactly seven paintings - T,U,V,Y,X,Z,W  from which she must  choose exactly five to be in an exihibit. Any combination is acceptable  provided it leads the following conditions:
1 if T is chosen, X cannot be chosen
2 if U is chosen, Y must also be chosen
3 if V is chosen, X must also be chosen

1] which one of the folloeing is an acceptable combination of paitings for exihibit
a  T,U,V,X,Y    b  T,U,V,Y,Z     c  T,W,X,Y,Z     d  U,V,W,Y,Z      e  U,V,W,Z,Y
Ans E

When is T present X should be excluded so above case is failed. when V is there X must be there .

2] If painting T is chosen to be among the painting included in the exihibit  which one of the follwing cannot be chosen.
a U          b V       c W            d Y             e Z
Ans B

3]Was almost similar like other I don't rem correctly

4] if the artist chooses painting V to be included among the painting  in  the exhibit, which one of the following  must be true of that combination of  painting :
A) T is not chosen   B) Y is not chosen   C) U is chosen    D ) W is chosen   E) Z is chosen
Ans A

When V is there, X included. that's why.

7) Two hands of a clock are meeting each other after every 65 minutes. Then find whether the clock is gaining or loosing the time and by how much???
Answer: gaining time by 5/11 minutes (Shakuntala devi Puzzles to Puzzle u Q.No:63  Page No:44)

8) There was a race going. The participants are Dennis, jack, samatha, Jim,  Louise. Louise was not the last person. Dennis beat jack. Samantha was  beaten by Jim and Louise in that order. Jack was not the first person. Jack  beat Jim. Who is the winner?
Ans: Dennis

Order was: Dennis, jack, Jim, Louise, Samantha.

9) clark, jones, mason and smith are 4 people.their professions are druggist, butcher, policeman,and grocer not in the same order as their names.find their respective professions?
   1) clark and jones are neighbours and they drive each other to work.
   2) jones earns more than mason. Ch et ana S
   3) Policeman earns more than druggist and grocer.
   4) policeman does not have druggist as a neighbour.
   5) butcher goes to his work by walk.
   6) policeman doesnot meet the grocer until he arrests him for exceeding the speed limit.
   7) clark beats smith every time at bowling.  ( 8 marks)
Ans:  smith - policeman
        mason- butcher
        clark - druggist
         jones- grocer        (chk it)

10) A man enquires a person about the past 5 days temperatures at 12 noon in  that region. The other replies that he doesn't remember the actual figures  but there was a different temperature on each day and that their product  gives 12. Assuming the temperature to the nearest degree what are the temperatures on the five days?
Ans: -1,-2,1,2,3


We know that the smallest two integers that can give a product of 12 is 3*4 which is spilt up as 2*2*3. But no temperature is the same...hence use -2  
instead of 2. Now the product becomes -12. Choose the other temperatures  
such that value of the product does not change but only the sign changes. So  
naturally, the other two options are -1 and 1.

These were all the questions

About the English test its very easy, no need to worry abt it. N the interview is also very cool. They test ur comm. skills n confidence thts it.

All the best for everyone.


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