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Hi Friends
            I was in Dehi for the Infosys Test and interview on             10th and 11th Sept. And here is my experience.
            I don't have the exact number but there were approx.             1200-1500 students ( 04-05 batches) for the written             exam.
            It was surprising to know that many of them did'nt             know the pattern of exam. there were 10 puzzles to be solved in 1 hr followed by English             grammar for
            1/2 hr.
            Here are a few Questions I remember :
            1. A man is 80 yrs old in the year 490 and 90 yrs old in the year 480. when was he born? 3 Marks
            Ans : 570
2. A man starts from his house and after some time he comes across a milestone that shows the distance travelled in Kms. It is a 2 digit number. after an hr. he gets another milestone with the same 2 digits reversed. After an hr. he gets another milestone with the same two digits but with a Zero in between. What is his speed? 4 marks
            Ans : 45kph
3. Sita goes to Gita's house during vacation. they play a game of chess everyday and the loser has to give a chocolate to the winner for every game . Sita gave 8 chocolates to Gita at the end of the vacation, although she had won 12 games. How long did she stay there? 5 marks
            Ans : 32 days
4. There is a train from NY to Washington every 1/2 hr and 1 hr. there is a train from Washington to NY every 1 hr. (constant speed assumed) it takes 5 hrs
from NY to Washington and 5 hrs. to come back. On your way from Washington to NY, how many trains will cross you? 6 marks
            Ans: 19 trains
            There were 2 big 8 mark questions whose data I don't             remember. I got one of them correct and guessed the             other. There were 2 questions that I did'nt feel like
            attempting, so left the answers blank. whatever I did, I ensured that             I showed it clearly in the 2 rough             sheets provided. I ensured that I scored at least 30. left the rest to             fate.
            Results were out the same evening. I could see my name             in the 180 short listed for the interview next day.
            Here is how it went:              
                         They had given me a time 9:40 am. i reached the place             at 9:05am and my name was called exactly at 9:40. There were 2 in a panel . A man over 50 with             tremendous experience and a lady over 40 with good             experience.
            1st question was : Tell me about urself.- the man             asked.
  I said what I had prepared for 2 pages. it was good             and the person seemed impressed.
            (bouncers followed)
            Who is the table tennis national champion? - he asked
            I said  i donno, i am sorry.
            Has there been any change in the rules of the game
- he asked
            ( i thot i had come to a wrong place!! perhaps I should             not have written Table tennis as one of my interests)
            I'm not sure . - i said
            he wanted an answer.
            "Related to the points"? - he asked
            yes - i said.             previously there were 15 points , now its 20 points.
            yes- i said
            " Related to the size of the ball" ?- he asked
            i gave a smile. i donno - i said.
            The lady had meanwhile seen my application.
            So u like music?- she asked
            yes. very much. In fact music is my passion and i have             won inter college competition in 2004 in vocals.- i             said
            have you taken any professional training ?
            i have a junior diploma in classical music.- i said
            From which university?
            Prayag university in Allahabad- i said
            How many institutes do u know of in india which give             such training ?
            i know none other than prayag - i said
            So u like chess too?
            Who is the champion of chess in India?
            i waited ..then said Mr. Vishwanathan Anand
            Tell me how many squares are there in a chess board?
            i said 64 . then said no.  there are many more.
            (they gave me a paper and pen to solve)             I had solved it a yr ago. but it just did'nt strike me             at that time. i said 8! but couldn't prove it.
            (when i came out, it struck me that the answer was             8^2+ 7^2+..1^2)
            Where do you see yourself 5 yrs down the line? - the             lady asked
            (i thot for a while).. as a team leader but my 1st and             foremost priority is to learn as much as possible             all the time. Especially with all these changes in the
            industry coming about. i want to update myself everyday with technology.
            So do you read newspapers?- he asked
            Everyday- i said
            Which was the place which was most affected by the
            recent Hurricane ?
            The Mississippi region.
            (he shakes his head) which was the city which was             asked to evacuate?
            i said ..yes..but i could not recollect.
            He said - the name Started with "New".
            i thot ..then said New Orleans.
            So what kind of music is famous over there?
            i gave a smile.. and said i dont know.
            I thot u were interested in music ? -he said
            Yes. but i really donno the answer of that, i'm sorry
            Interestingly, the lady took the cap of a cello pen             and placed it on the table.
            Tell me some possible ways in which you could use this             cap, be creative.- she said.
            U can use it as a whistle- i said
            Tell me 2-3 more
            i thot, thot and thot. more than a min. then said- u             can put it in ur pocket and roam around when u dont have a pen.
            Both of them laughed and looked at each other. I couldn't think anything else.
            So what have you been doing in the past few months?
            have applied to various companies like TCS WIPRO and             Satyam. I couldn't get thru the technical rounds of             TCS and WIPRO but i cleared aptitude, GD and interview in Satyam and my joining date is in October.
            if you get through Infosys, which one will you prefer
            and why?

            Trust me, i said. i have been looking forward to join             infosys for the last 1 and a 1/2 yrs now. to me infosys is the no.1 company in india, everybody says
            that and it is the most respected company among all. The striking feature of infosys is that it is driven             by values,which is more important to me than money or anything else.
            what values do u look in a company?
            Excellent working culture, wonderful growth opportunities.-i said
            You u read magazines also?
            Yes. i said. Digit Magazine
            what do you know about the recent changes in theindustry?
            these days, Mainframes , dot net and J2EE are in a lot of demand. thats all i know
            what is Lenovo? -he asked
            Its a partner of IBM which has taken over the hardware business of IBM. (i had read it somewhere)
            what else are you trying to learn?
            i said i am trying to develop a habit of reading.
            o really? she said. what books have you read?
            i recently bought Ignited Minds by Mr. APJ Abdul             Kalam.
            have u read it?
            the 1st chapter
            what is it about?
            first of all he has dedicated his book to a 12 Std. Student who said that the biggest enemy of             India is             poverty. He talks about his experience in the industry and and             places and people he has visited. its an inspirational             book for youngsters and..and ...everyone else. he             talks about how can the youngsters transform india into a developed nation.
            So ur really into it? - she said
            very much- i said
            do u have any questions?
            yes. i said.  infosys is driven by values: C-LIFE. is it an acronym or just C-LIFE?
            it is not an acronym. it is just C-LIFE -both of them             said.
            Ok Amit. Wish you all the best. - he said
            Thank you and i came out of the room.
            Thats my experience in short. The duration was more             than 40 mins. they will declare the results in about             3-4 weeks.

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