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Paper           started on 15th at 9:00 am at Tagore International School in Delhi. The           duration of the paper was 2.30 hrs. For           the first half an hour a form was given to us and they ask us to fill           that. It           contained detailed information of our education with percentage and           rank.                      
I           think that is also considered during the evaluation of written paper.
After           half an hour, there was written paper for 1 hour having ten puzzles to           solve
10           puzzles                      

1>(           3 marks)
Sandy's           uncle died leaving 1000 rs behind to be distributed among his five           nephews. The           money is to be divided among the nephews according to their ages. A           person gets Rs           20 more than his immediate younger brother.Sandy being the youngest           what was his share?                      
Ans.                  Rs 160.0                      
It           was quite an easy one.                      
let           sandy's share be x
2>              ( 4 marks)

Rohit           was descending from the elavator which was not working. When he had           stepped down                      
7           steps his sir started from the bottom of the elevator and they passed           each other and when Rohit had still            4 steps to go down, his sir reached at the top. Taking into           consideration that sir's 2 steps took same time as Rohit's one what           were the total no of steps?                      
22           steps                      
let           no of steps be x
Distance           covered by Rohit = x-7-4  (7           steps already covered and 4 were still to go)
Distance           covered by sir = x
Speed           of Rohit =s
Speed           of sir = 2s
Time           taken is equal in both the cases so                      
(x-7-4)           / s = x / 2s
2x           - 22 = x

3>              ( 3 marks)

A           vendor  who is an           ex-mathematician has a number of apples and when he arranges them in           rows of 3 he is left with one more, when he arranges them in rows of 5           again he is left with 1 more, Same happens with when he tries to           arrange them in rows of  7 and 9 that is 1 apple is left extra.                      
But           when he arranges them in a row of 11 he is left with none. Can u tell           me how many apples were there?                      
Ans                      :
the           no is a multiple of 3,5,7,9 + a remainder of 1. So
3*           5* 7* 9= 945 + 1 =946
946           /11= 86
so           it is divisible by 11 also.
4>              ( 4 marks)                      
A           theft was reported in a p[olice station and police detained 3 persons           - Tommy, Lee and Andy on the basis of doubt. However everyone said           that he did not steal and one among the other two is the thief. Later           on police came to know that Tommy was lying. Who was the real thief?
Ans           :                      
He           gave 2 false statements:                      
1:           he didn't steal though he was the thief.
2:           one among the other two did it. If he is the thief how can other 2 do           it.                      
It           was very  easy and infact           that created a doubt n everyone cross checked it again n again to be           sure as nobody was expecting such a simple puzzle.                      
5>              (6 marks)                                            
The           temperature is noted for 5 consecutive days and it is noted that no           two days have the same temperature. Moreover the            product of all the 5 readings is 12. The difference is noted to           the nearest degrees. What were the readings of the temperature?

Ans:           -2, -1, 1, 2, 3

Factors           of 12: 4*3,6*2
2*2*3           bt 2 cant b repeated so -2 and to nullify            -ve sign -1 is there
so           -2 *-1 * 1 * 2 *3 = 12

6>              ( 8 marks)                      
There           are five persons in an office in the post of buyer, clerk, footwalker,           manager,cashier.                      
              Allen, Benett, Clark, Ewinger, Davis holds the post.

1.           Among the 5 two have their lunch time from 11:30- 12:30 and the rest           have it in 12:30 -1:30
2.           Mrs Allen and Mrs Benett are sisters.
3.           Cashier and clerk share their lunch among themselves.
4.           Two Bachelors share their rooms.
5.           Davis and Ewinger doesn't face each other from the day Davis reported           Ewinger to the Manager when he returned from lunch and found out that           Ewinger has already left for lunch before time.                                            
I           m not sure about the answers bt question was like this                                            
Allen:           Manager
Lunch           11:30 - 12:30                          
Davis           ( from the 5th point he takes lunch in the earlier session)
Davis           cant be manager
lunch            12:30 - 1:30
Ewinger(           form the 5th point he takes
lunch           in 2nd session
Ewinger           cant be manager

7>                (4marks)                      
A           dice has faces 1 against 6, 3 against 5 and 2 against 4 always. How           many such combinations of faces are possible in a dice?

Ans           :                      
keeping           1 and 6 fixed, we can have two combinations of            6 and 3, and two of 2 and 4            that means four. And interchanging 1 and 6 we can have two more           combinations  that means           with one pair 8 combinations are there : 4*2=8. Similarly with other           two also 8 combos. So in all 8*3=24 combos are possible.                      
8>              (4 marks)
A           boy's age is 5 times as old as his sister. His father's age is twice           to that of his mother who is five times as old as the boy. The sum of           all of them equals to that of his grandmother who is celeberating his           81st birthday. How old is the boy?                                            

5           years old
let           boys age b x
sister's           = x/5
81*5           = x+5x+ 25x +50x
405           = 81x
x=           405/81
so           boys age is 5 years                      
9>              (6 marks)                      
It           was something like 4persons take part in a race and got different           ranks.what weretheir ranks: John, black, Wee, Anthony

Conditions           were given like
1.           If John stood  first then           wee cant be on 4th position and Anthony at 2nd postion.
2.           Similarly 4 5 conditions were given

10>             (8 marks)

An           easy question with 4 subparts                      
A           painter has 7 paintings and he follow certain rules while exhibiting           the paintings
Never           places x and y in the same exhibit
If           y is there z is also there
U           is there if and if only w is there
Following           these constraints 4 questions were asked based on the possible           combinations in the exhibit
After           the puzzle round half an hours general english test was there . It was           very  easy having 45           questions

Result           was anounced the same day

Next           day in the morning I had my intrview . It was very general hr round           .Two persons were there asking general questions.

Questions           of intrvw:

1>           what is the difference u faced while working in a team during ur           training? Don't u think more options and suggestions mean confusion.                      
2>           What if a person in ur team is always talking against u in all matters           without listening to ur part?(leave it to team leader)                      
3>           Why 5th gear is provided in new cars?(for speed)                      
4>           My dad was frm army.So they asked wat u like abt army.(uniform,           respect, discipline)                      
5>           What all places have u been during the transfers and how did that           affect u in ur life and y  did           u think so.( adjustable and adaptable)                      
6>           They gave me one sequence of numbers and without giving much time           asked me the approach I was following to solve that. I was nt able to           solve it bt I explained d approach to them.                      
7>           Asked my hobbies .My toughest time in whole life an happiest moment.                      
           8>           Questions u want to ask from us.

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