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Dear Friends
I am passing on Infosys paper test held on 9th  Oct 2005 at Sydneham College, MUMBAI. And the subsequent interview experience.

FIRST OF ALL THANKS TO Friends MAM FOR THIS WONDERFUL GROUP. It truly helped me for preparation.
Some tips for preparation:
I did Shakuntala Devi Puzzle to Puzzle and More puzzle. In one of the Friends mails only I had found explanations for few Shakuntala Devi really helps, u get idea how to proceed any problem.
Then previous Papers are must. Qnes r repeated they save your time and that u can devote  to new puzzles in paper during test. This will boost ur confidence while solving. My test had nearly 50% puzzles repeated. So previous papers really helped me a lot. Acc to me PREV PAPERS IS THE KEY TO CRACK THE TEST.
George Summers rough overview is good if times there go a bit thoroughly but don't spend much time
10 Puzzles   1 hr
1.There are 100 students among them 10 dont study both physics and chemistry,63 studying physics,85 studying chemistry. How many of them are studying both chemistry and physics            (3 mark)  (similar Qn. Asked prev)
ans; 63+85-90=68
2. sal and saul are taking part in 100 yards running race in which sal beats saul by 10 yards. If sal starts 10 yards behind the starting line who will win the race?
Ans: Sal.
When 100mtrs  is covered by Sal ,Saul covers only 90 mtrs. acc 1st race  In 2nd race Sal has to run tot 110 mtrs while Saul 100 mtrs but when Saul covers 90mtrs Sal has coverd 100mtrs ie now for both 10 mtrs r rem but Sal is faster than Saul as he won 1st rece so this 10 mtrs Sal will complete first and will win by 1 mtr.
3. A+B+C+D = D+E+G+H=G+H+I=17.
 If A=4,Find value of D and G.       (present in prev paper)       (6 mark)
ans; D=5 G=1
4.In a dice the nos 1&6, 2&5, 3&4 are to be in opposite face . How many ways u can do this arrangement.  (prv paper)
Ans: I wrote 24 ways.                                                                                                                        
 Suppose 1and 6 we fix in any 2 faces rem nos we can arrange in 4 ways again 4 combi in same way but 1 and 6 interchanged ie 8 combi for 1 pair so 8x3=24 combi. Chk out tis one.                
5. Plumber+Paperhanger=1100
Painter+electrision=..... and so on 6 equation.   (8 mark)  (repe)  
Ans: You can solve equation or try few values u get the ans.. i didn't had enough time so I put values and tried luckily I got correct answer
6.Some milkman problem. There are two cans A&B can A contains water, can B contains pure milk . To dilute the milk first he put water frm Can A to Can B so that he doubles the qty in Can B. then poured some qty frm Can B to Can A to double qty in Can A and then again frm Can A to Can B to double qty in Can B. At the end he finds both Qty same but in Can B 1 gallon water is more than Can A (something like this I'm sorry I don't remember exactly the last sentence). So what is the initial quantity of milk and water (6 or 8 mark)                                
I didn't solve only tis qn. If ny1 has d ans plz put it in group mail.
7.Jan robinson, kate jones, john smith are engineer, pilot & biochemist not in the order .they have three martian assistants . as they find difficulty with martian names they gave them nick names as smith, robinson, jones as their masters name. 1.robinson is an yomi  2. martians speak uti.  3.the martians name is the same as the bio chemist 4.robinson beats engineer in the chess
(conditions I don't remember properly) who is the pilot?
Ans :Jan robinson
U have to work out the conditions and analyze some 2 conditions r imp u get the idea so concentrate and do.

8. This was gem problem .7 gems to be arranged on window 3 on left 3 on rt. diamond always on rt, Emrald on lf always sapphire and something always together ruby wont go with some gems etc etc.4 sub qns asked very easy u can easily solve this.
(8 mrks) (repeated)
9.Mr. And Mrs. XYZ has 15 children who where born in an interval of 1.5 years each . the first child`s age is 8 times that of last child. what's the age of the eldest child?.(4M)
Ans: 24 yrs      youngest is 3 yrs.                                                                 X=8Y, X=Y+21 Solving X=24

10.Sita  goes to Gita's house during vacation. They play a game of chess everyday and the loser has to give a chocolate to the winner for every game . Sita gave 8 chocolates to Gita at the end of the vacation, although she had won 12 games. how many days she stay there?   5 marks  (repe)

Ans : 32 days        
Sita 12 games won ----12 days
Sita 12 days lost-------12 days                                                                  
Sita 8 games lost----8 days              tot: 32 days
English Section half an hr easy but make sure u attempt full and b quick .hint:1st will be mostly a passage don't waste time over here read the qn first the then passage para wise u get ans simultaneously. rest was one story fill ups this for checking tenses then correct sent, prepositions,meanings of general expre. all options present so don't have to think much just be quick and understd the meaning.
I think some 500 + roughly appeared for test and they shortlisted some 60-80 candidates. inter was scheduled next day slots were given. i had my int at 930 slot at some office at nariman pt.
Interview experience:
There were 2 ladies 1 a little older around 40s and 1 young. the inter they check ur confidence how u handle it b positive and don't drop ur confidence in any case. Dare to face any question.
They askedd first to introduce mainly education and family. They were impressed by my marks appreciated me. then jumped to extra curricular activities I told abt the robotics compete I partici and won then abt paper presentat, sports events in college.
Then they asked in detail each one regarding robotics  ..i explained all mechanism Then paper pres what topics seminars which all in grp or alone .they asked in grp how was it working? any probs u faced? how u solved. I told ya every person has his/her own ideas /views we discussed it out sometimes fought but overcame it and came out with what is best for as a team. they were impressed.
As the robotics car topic was going on the senior lady asked me how I will design a car for 1 legged and 1 hand person. This was a bit tough to impress her then also I handled it by giving her maximum ideas as I could all thru she was asking how I will design the steering ,the brakes clutch etc the gear systems first I felt little tough but then I thought i am not gonna loose it maintained my confidence.
They asked have u ever been a leader to any team here I told I shared my sports activities then asked how I became captain, how I selected team members inside team conflicts any how I resolved. quite impressed coz I showed them I am well as team member and team leader.
Then gave me 1 puzz frm paper that A+B+C= 17 askd the approach
One situation. I am going to a meeting for infy and the deal is very imp on highway my tyre punctures in attempt to fix it loose all the screws wat will u do??  I told ask for help to any passenger or cell phone etc. they told nothing there, i told I will fix it using 1 screw for other 3 tyres. askd is it safe?? will wrk??? I told if the deal is that imp I am ready to take the risk but I'll b careful, impressed
And lastly then what if I am posted to mohali ..r u clear with ur family? I said I will definitely miss them but infy work will be interesting enough to handle it.
Askd any Qns I have?
told I will be informed in 3 weeks . I am selected ultimately by Gods Grace and join infy this month end. I was struggling from more than a year for getting a job and ultimately God gave me a good break. so much waiting and hard work is worth now. Prepare Well and don't loose hope God will definitely ans evey1s prayer, b sincere and keep trying and b confident and positive.

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