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Posted By : Avinash Anand Rating : +7, -0
Hi Friends, I have selected for infosys through combined campus recruitment process.   The test was held at Vizag on 30-11-2005.
First of thanks to all the members of this group becoz of Whom I made it. This is the paper I got and the interview that follows.

There were totally 10puzzles.All repeated from old papers.followed by English test which is very easy but confusing. for the model I am giving it at my best.
Here the questions:

1. There was a race going. The participants are Dennis, jack, samatha, Jim, Louise. Louise was not the last person. Dennis beat jack. Samantha was beaten by Jim and Louise in that order. Jack was not the first person. Jack beat Jim. Who is the winner?
Ans: Dennis.
Order was: Dennis, jack, Jim, Louise, Samantha.

2. My husband?s age is the reverse of my age. He is senior to me. The difference of our age is the one 1/11 of their sum. What was my age?
Ans:  my age: 45.
         My husband?s age: 54.
    Let mine be xy i.e. 10x+y.
    Then my husband?s 10y+x.
    Given 9(y-x) =1/11(11x+11y).
3. Ram traveled 2/3 rd of the distance by bicycle. After the tyre was punctured so he walked the remaining distance for double time. How fast he raided the cycle as he walk?
Ans:  4 times faster than his walking.
         2x/3 ------- in t time.
           X/3   -------in 2t time.
        Now v1/v2 = (2x/3t)/(x/3*2t).

4. There was a cube painted red color. IF its is cut in to 27 equal pieces how many faces will be with
(i) No red color
(ii)  1 red face
(iii) 2 redf aces
(iiii) 3 red faces
 Ans: (i) 1 (center)
(ii) 6 (Middle)
(iii) 12 (Side faces)
(iiii)  8 (corners)

5.some passage like there were 7 gems exhibiting through left and right windows.teh gems are ruby,diamond,sapphire,emerald,???.some conditions.4 questions were asked.( refer barrons gre analytical section).

6.      Three persons A, B & C who can be named according to their behavior.  They can be named as Sororean, the name that can be given to the one who always wins; Nororean, the name that can be given to the one who always tells the truth; Midrorean, the name that can be given to the one who always lies.  Then, given some statements (not exactly the same I?ve given), based on which to answer the question (we need to write the names that A, B & C can be given in the table given)
A.         1) C came across to me and so I lost.
             2) C always tells truth.
3) C is the winner.
B.                 1) A is the winner.
2) C is not nororean.
C.                 1) B is the winner...
2) I din?t came across A he is lying.
A nororean
B sororean
 7. In a game of cricket azahar scored 28 less than dravid.and sachin scored 72 more than Azahar.the total runs made by Azahar and robin are 94.robin scored 26 more than zadeja.dravid scored 26 more than robin. What is the score?
Ans: 338
   Z: x
   R: x+26
   D:  x+52
   A:  x-24
   S: x+72-24

8. We traveled to picnic early in the morning with a speed of 15kmph.while returning as traffic is heavy we drove at 10kmph.What is the average speed.
Ans: 12kmph.
Now t1=x/15, t2=x/10

I am sorry I am unable to recollect the questions but they also repeated.
Then the English test for1/2 hour.
The first one is comprehension passage. very easy. Just 5 mins for reading.6 questions based on it.
Next sentence completion i.e fill the blanks with appropriate words (like in gre but not that much difficult).next comes sentence correction.
9 to 10 questions on tences.Be sure it?s a little bit confusing though it looks very easy this is where we made lot of mistakes. Again 4 long sentences were given under single question. We have to find the wrong one very easy read the sentences as fast as u can so that time is not wasted.becoz we have to answer 45 questions in 30 mins.
One more section is there regarding verbal using .Thats it. Hope it may help for some.

Sir: Good evening kalpana (my interview was done at 9:30 p.m).take Ur seat.
Me:  ThankQ sir.
Sir:  tell me about Ur self.
Me:  I am kalpana doing my final yr (he interrupted me here)
Sir: Actually I am not supposed to tell these things to the applicants but I don?t know why I am mentioning this to u.he told me that when some asks to tell something about ourselves we have to start from our father becoz he is Ur origin.
Me: ThankQ u sir.
Sir: ok continue.
Me:  I am from a middle class family .My father??????all family details in order and then my strengths and weaknesses.
Sir: he gave a puzzle to form 1000 from sixteen 4s.
Me: I answered it quickly.
       I am giving it:  444+444+44+44+4+4+4+4+4+4
Sir: one more puzzle. Cut the shape in to 6 blocks. Very easy.
Sir: another puzzle to make 31 from five 3s.
Me:  3^3+3+3/3
Sir: so kalpana u said that (I mentioned in the application form) Ur a team worker. What r the projects u have taken as a team.
Me :( Actually I din?t do anything .I just write it becoz I have no choice left on that time so?I answered it like this.)
      Sir actually we did no projects but we our classmates form as groups and discuss different topics, share our views and try to improve our skills by getting feed back from our team members.
Sir: Ur active in Organizing events (this is also I mentioned).so what are the events u have organized this year.
Me: we organized a state level technical conference on the occasion of our college silverjublee function namely ?spurthi-2005?.
Sir: ok last yrs projects?
Me: ?spurthi-2004? our departmental event.
Sir:  In Ur inter and 10 th classes. What did u organize?
Me: we organized our college freshers and farewell parties and also annual days.
Sir: now in this sem Ur going to work on a project.what u would like to be? Eiher leader or member?
Me: obviously leader.
Sir: how could u manage the team?
Me: Since for every project there are 7 levels, I will plan a schedule; explain it to all my team members. I will make sure that they should do their work in the time. I will also instruct them how precious the time is? Not only that I will made them feel comfortable to express their views to me by moving closely with them. I never command them but also never request them I tell them to feel the responsibility and at times I will assign some power to one of them to guide others so that they can involve with greater interest from then onwards.
Sir: ok if any team member complaints against u that u r crossing Ur limits. Then how can u solve that?
Me: I will straight away go to him and talk to him personally for that matter and try to know what's my mistake or what about me made him feel like that. We will have a 15 to20 mins discussin on it and if my fault is there I will ask him apology and will have our misunderstandings be sorted out. After that we will work together as usually.
Sir: two of Ur project members were very irregular people and they have pending work today and u have to submit Ur project work tomorrow. Then?
Me: Sir, since I am friendly with all my members there is no question of such situation arising in my project. If there is any problem they will definitely intimate me before hand
Becoz I will create such an environment to all my team members. If at all by some reason if such situation occurs I will take whole responsibility, when u decide to lead, u have to be ready to accept the responsibilities and to take risk. Any way I will have other team members with whose help I will complete the project.
Sir: so u will take pain to complete the project?
Me: yes sir.i do.
Sir: Any questions?
Me: what r my day to day responsibilities if I enter in to infosys?
Sir: so eagerly waiting for accepting the responsibilities. Ok Miss kalpana u will be taught Ur responsibilities in Ur training period and don?t bother much about them.
Me:ThankQ sir.
Sir: ok kalpana All the best.
Me: ThankQ sir???.. (waited for 2 mins) asked him shall I leave sir?
Sir: he looked at me surprisingly and told me if u want u can (with a smile on his face)
Me: I also smiled at him and told that Sir I din't mean it but???.
Sir: its ok.have any more questions?
Me: is there any thing else that u want me to learn in order to fit into infosys?
Sir: (After 1 min pause) ok kalpana u r fit.

At this moment I really felt happy.
Me: thankQ sir.
Sir: ok all the best. (1 min again paused this time I waited calmly).ok u can leave.
Me: I said thankQ sir and left the room.

   It's been long waiting to know the results. Next day at 1.15 p.m they declared the results. Thank god I have selected .so friends I think after going through this u might have understand that getting in to infosys is not a hard job. Don't ever loose heartened .keep trying. All the best to all of u once again thanks to all members of this group for their support.

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