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Hi Friends

Am Shreya.. appeared for the Airforce EKT Today...for the SSC (AE(Electronics))

It was an objective type question paper... 1 hr duration.. no calculations at all. There were 75 questions in total-
Part A - General Engg 40 questions
Part B - Special paper (mine was Electronics n Comm)-35 questions

Part A
Well I dont know why they call it the General Engg paper as most of the questions wr from the Thermodynamics (12 th std)
1. on adiabatic and isothermal processes
2. carnot cycle
3. entropy change in adiabatic n isothermal processes
4. otto engine
5. some simple questions on RLC networks
6. some questions on chemistry better to say elctrical engg material science (superconductivity etc)
7. digital -binary of 100 n mux
There were hardly any questions from basic electronics n most of this part of the paper felt like a 12th std physics paper

Part B
If u study George Kennedy well then you\'ll get most of the questions
1. communication mainly satellite n antennas (geosynchronous, antenna gain)
2. no questions from rec n transmitter n semiconductor devices used in the microwave range (ie none from IMPATT n all those negative resistances devices)
3. try n cover the conceptual logics
4.little questions from modulation like nyquist rate questions from radar, control engg
6.wave propagation was in plenty.. all those layers (D E F)
Best if u attend to all the questions given at the end of Kennedy.. that was quite useful

Overall... you\'ll get thru the paper if u know yr concepts well but thermodynamics in the paper was uncalled for (55 % or more of the general engg paper constituted of it) Anyways...BEST OF LUCK