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iNautix Technologies Interview Experience - Bhubaneswar, August 24, 2014
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My experience with iNautix Technologies. Pool drive in our college.

519 applicants were selected for the written exam out of 1400 students on the basis of 10th and 12th percentage I guess. The criteria was not specified.

Written exam of 50 minutes. 50 questions containing aptitude, technical and English. It was an offline exam and questions were not very easy. You won\'t find such questions in R. S Aggarwal ! One needs to think fast and apply basic concepts. Few questions from Logical Reasoning (direction sense) were easy!

Technical part contained output based questions on C and C++ like structures, pointers, unions, functions etc.

English was quite easy. Questions from vocabulary (synonyms & antonyms) and inferences from passages were given.

Time is your competitor and you have to beat it! Cut-off was kept low I guess so 316 students qualified for GD round. 10 people in each group and the topics were very general ones like social media, education system of India, sex education, transgenders. My topic was why GD is necessary for recruitment process. They were focused on the students\'s confidence level and communication skill. From each panel average 6 students were selected. 191 students qualified for the PI round.

In PI questions were asked about family background, why choose IT field, how was the pre-placement talk useful, basic questions from C and C++ like what is the difference between the 2, what is stack and queue, program of sorting technique. Do mention if you have a problem with relocation as they were asking every individual about the preference of Chennai or Pune. Some students were asked from their B-Tech papers so prepare your domain as well.

Be confident and keep a smile on your face. If you are confident you will surely get the job. I did! :) 100 students were finally selected.