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iNautix Interview Experience - Madurai, December 20, 2013
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I had attended the off campus drive conducted at TCE madurai(Students from mepco and TCE about 300 candidates had participated).

Listen the Pre Placement talk carefully and dont be reluctant to ask questions as it shows your attitude.

Round 1:

Aptitude,Verbal,C snippets(including 55 questions).

A little bit tough but if you\'re good at C Programming and Aptitude from RS.Agarwal you can easily score.

About 88 candidates were shortlisted for Round 2(GD).

Round 2:

Group Discussion. HR asked few questions from Pre Placement Talk and the topic given for us was "CO-Education". Each batch for GD had consisted about 11 candidates out of them 3 were selected and moved to next round.

In general for any GD speak confidently and express your opinion with positive thoughts and listen to your group.

Round 3:(HR Round.)

Nearly 44 candidates were shortlisted for HR interview from both the colleges. Perhaps all the questions were based on "Area of Interest" and "Paper Presentations".
So prepare meticulously for these topics and make sure that your resume is neat and crisp(give less importance to your Hobbies and no need for declaration in resume).
Questions asked for me:

HR: You are Dhanraj right? How are you Dhanraj?
Me: (I nodded) Fine sir thank you.

HR: How many companies have you attended before?
Me: Two companies sir. Zoho and Athina Health care.

HR: How was your experience in these interviews.
Me: Most of the questions were technical in these companies and few puzzles are asked.

HR: (Smiled) Since you are good at solving puzzles. I will give you a puzzle solve it.(I was panicked a little but HR proceeded as) No need to worry about solving puzzles. IT field is nothing but mathematics with logical thinking similar to solving a puzzle.

HR had given me two puzzles. I had solved one.And questions form Normalization and Denormalization were asked. Also he asked me to write a string reverse program from C.

Only 5 candidates were selected from Mepco. By GOD\'S abundant grace I was one among them :). So friends be confident and make sure that you are well prepared with your Resume. You must be clear with every nook and corner form your resume since It was your question paper in HR round. Pledge for Almighty\'s help as God knows better place for you.

All the best.