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iNautix - Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology, Sathy. 17/09/2013
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Dear friends,

I wanna share my experience with you people regarding iNautix. They came to our college on 17th sep.

The placement process has the following rounds:
1. Written test.
2. Group discussion.
3. Technical+personal HR.
They started the written test at 2.30 pm immediately after they arrived, It was quite tough but you can answer the questions for the required cutoff. For me the verbal section seemed easy. The paper contained quants(30), verbal(15), c programming(15).

After the written test we had a pre placement talk,Believe me it was the best pre-placement talk we ever had. The company profile was so good.

While we were having the pre placement talk they evaluated our written test paper and announced the results. 141 were selected out of 250+ who attended the written test. GD round was very easy. Please allow others to talk that is more important than anything else. For some groups they even allowed to select their own topic. Out 0f 141 65 members were selected for the HR round. The HR round was very good. They were very friendly and they helped us even we if were wrong. Communication is very important.) Out of 65 23 got placed in Inautix. I am very happy to say that i got selected. I pray for all of you friends. Thank you.