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Inautix Interview Pattern, PICT, Pune - 27-Dec-2011
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Inautix came for recruitment at PICT, pune. After finishing the aptitude (50marks composed of Quant, Verbal, Logical Reasoning and C) we were called for Group Discussion in group of 10. (40 students selected from apti).


Points noted down by senior Inautix staff :

1. Individually we were asked whether u solved whole test paper or guessed (bluffed).
2. Later we were asked what do u do in your free time.
3. Finally just the topics were asked for group discussion. And reason, why should we have an discussion on particular topic. Though we were not actually given a chance to begin with GD, stress was given on Relevant answers and fluency in communication.


Finally selected GD students were called up for interview.
Questions asked to me:
1. Family background.
2. Being an EnTc graduate why do u prefer an software company.
3. How do u see urself 5 years ahead.
4. BE project.
5. Favourite subject. (fundamental questions based on the same.)
6. Do u have any question for me.

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