Placement Papers - ICICI

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Icici bank mumbai-- March 2006

POST-- officer trainee IT

2 panelists[ 1- male - techincal guy
     1- female- hr manager]

Q-- tell me something abt unix
Q-- when was unix created
Q-- abt project
Q-- project related qs
-- abt encryption
-- what is SSL
-- various db objects used
-- triggers used and their functions

Q-- what job profile r u interested in?
Q-- what timings can u put in?
Q-- r u ready to do helpdesk? y not?

they did not say anything abt the job profile/dept all thru the intv. even when
i asked.
said that v will put u in a job profile thats a win-win situation for both of us

then they called me after 2 weeks and asked me to collect the offer letter for
officer trainee in RETAIL TECHNOLOGY GROUP
found from their site that Retail banking dept had a division -- RETAIL

offer as Officer-trainee for on-job-training in Retail Technology Group [wasnt
briefed abt the job profile even now]
the basic salary 4000
hra 2000
conveyance 1000
med  500
7500 + pf... extra

the job is a 1 yr contract.
there are shifts. and one weekly off not necessarily sunday.
but one should put 15000rs as FD with them for 1year.
and during the 1 year period should give a 15 day notice before leaving or pay
15 days sal in addtion to forfeighting the 15000 FD.

thats all