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HUGHES Paper Pattern DCE 3

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Hughes Paper In DCE
(Section 3)

More Questions....

1-N  keys to be sorted using n space,which algo?
 a. insertion
b. shell
c. both insertion and shell  (ans)
d. quick

 2-Heap doesn't have following property ?
 a. smallest element is at leaf
b. two elements cannot be the same. (ans)
c. height of heap is logn

 3- To sort 10 values, which sort will you use ?
 a. bubble (ans)
b. quick
c. binary tree
d. All the above

 5-A has to send message toB
 ans. A  will use B's public key
 6-a ques on NAND gates (perhaps same as that in DCE) a figure was given like (A nand A ) nand (B nand B)
 ans- A or B
7- F(char *p)
      printf("%s", p);

 ans- bye
 8-In Asynchronous transmission
 a) client sends a request and then waits for response....
b. client send a request and then continues with work without expecting a response
c. client sends a request and the continue with work and reacts
for the response when it comes  (ans)

 9-DHCP is
 a. assigning IP addresses

 10-Ethernet LAN has IP &IPX protocol at the network layer, a packet comes from some other host.
 a. it will not give packet to any layer
b. it will check the data field in the frame for the protocol type and send it accordingly
c. it will check the protocol field for the protocol type and send the frame accordingly  (ans)

 11-verification:Are we building the right product?
 Validation:are we building the product right?
 Ans. Both are wrong.

 12- Normalization

 13-  char *p="AaBbCc"

int x(char*p)
 p[0] ? x(a+1):1;
 return 1;
 ans cCbBaA
 14-in line expansion of macros happens in preprocessing stage of compiler
 15-when is Write through is better from write back in terms of cache.
 a. single cache less instructions  (ans)

 16. if the compiler gives static allocation for a program then which is not possible
 a. Dynamic binding
b. Recursion  (ans)
c. Indirect address loaction
d. Direct address location

 17-which of the following will have minimum thread switching overhead;
 a. INET domain sockets
b. UNIX domain sockets
c. shared memory variables  (ans)

 18-what is the cyclometric complexity of the following code
if(x==0 or y==o)
a. 3
b. 4
c. 7d Noneof these

19-41.6375-convert into binary

 20-binary tree has how many null pointers ptrs
 a. n
b. n+1  (ans)
c. 2n

 21- No of comparisons in the worst case in Merge sort
 a. 2n
b. 2n-1  (ans)
c. 2n-2
d. 2n+1

 22-path testing
 a. black box
b. white box(ans)

 23. Which of the following is true for NFS.
 a. It is stateless.  (ans)

 24-ICV ques
 25- A client wants to synchronise it clock with the server over
 TCP but the reply packet send time that is already past then what will it do
a. Client will immediately set its clock to the recieved time
b. Client will ignore the reply.
c. Client will repeatedly send the time requests till the time received is longer than its clock.
26-How control in tCP is when
 ans congestion .....
 27- In order to have a assembly language procedure reentrant what will be done.
 28-program counter incremented in which stage.

 29-ordered binary tree & hash -which is better
 30-time server
 31-why does dram need refreshing periodically.
 a. it contains flip flops
b. its charge gets depleted due to memory read
c. its charge gets leaked (ans)

 32- some insert algoritms given like
where is it used.
a. binary search
b. interpolating search
c. sequential search

 33-  In context switching which of the phases takes longer time
 a. flushing the translation lookaside buffer
b. swapping out the process to the disk
c. saving the registers
d. loading the new process from the disk  (ans)

 34- the use of static declaration for external variables
 a. localising scope (ans)

 35- .If a precondition of a sub routine fails then
   a. post condition fails as well
  b. Post condition may fail
  c. post condition is declared but now defined.
  d. post condtion never fails  (ans)

 36 9. consider the SQL statement "CREATE TABLE NEW AS SELECT * FROM EMP"
 a. the sql stament is a correct one  (ans)
b. New is reservd word there is an error
c. you can't select anything while creating a table
d. NEW should have been in quotes

 37-  If X and Y are two attriubutes of a relation and 1 and 2 be any two
 tuples in that relation
Y is fuctionally dpndant on X iff (X-Y)
a. if (x1 == x2) then y1==y2 (ans)
b. if (x1==y1) then x2 == y2
someother combinations

 38-  Whic is false about Java strings
 1. The are Null terminated  (ans)
2. Set of Chars
3. The Condition checking == and = on a sme pair of strings gives
different results.

 39- When a java Applet is downloaded what does bytecode verifier do
 a. checks the magic nubmer  (ans)
b. checks the bytecode whether it has been written properly

 40- given a domain name which of the following does not find the IP address
 a. /etc/hosts
b. ARP  (ans)

41- an packet for address is to be sent.the machine does not have info about or 0r so what will be done
a.discard the packet
b.send the mesg to a default gateway if available  (ans)
c.send mesg to a DNS server if available

 42- A:"cohesion is a desirable property" B:"cohesion means the property that the entire unit is one......"
 a.both are correct  (ans)
b.both are wrong
c.first wrong second correct
d.first correct second wrong

 43- the memory reference time for cache is 100 ms and for memory is 1000ms .the probalility of a hot is .9.the average memory access time is

44- what do you use when you want to have differnt phases of instruction to get exedcuted in different units
a. pipeline  (ans)

 45-  By Codd's rules for RDBMS whih one of following is not right?
 a. null values r not defined
b. Integrity constraints are placed in separate files  (ans)

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