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Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) - Mumbai, 2021
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Shubham Dixit
Hello Guys. I have recently gone through the Group Task and Interview selection process of HPCL and would like to share my experience with candidates who may find this useful in preparation.

Selection Process: CBT, GT, PI (Every round is eliminating rounds. GT and PI are critical irrespective of your marks in CBT.)

Location: Petroleum House, Mumbai.

Panel Members: 9-10.

Candidates Present: 20/23.

Group Task: Three groups of 7,7,6 candidates. Finally, 1/7, 2/7, and 1/6 candidates were selected in group tasks for the Personal Interview round.

Tip for group tasks: Work as a team. Let others speak. Don\'t be silent and have faith in your God.

Q. Was the group task result justified for each candidate?
Ans. (One can\'t say because none of us is working as MD or Recruitment team officer in any company. Avoid online guidance stuff in GT room and be natural as a team.)

Fun Fact: They know about some famous online guidance businesses for GT and Interview.

Personal Interview:
As we were only 4 to be interviewed, Each candidate\'s interview went on for up to more than 30 minutes. I was 3rd to be called.

The recruitment officer called my name and wished me the best of luck.
(Thank you, ma\'am)

Entry, Good afternoon, Please sit and 10 seconds glance exchange between me and each panel member.
(I was a bit confused why they are not asking me to introduce yourself and all stuff.)

Q. After 10-12 seconds Chairperson asked me to introduce myself.
Ans. Everybody\'s standard protocol to answer this question. Nothing new and fancy here.

Q. You have worked in India\'s one of the leading steel sector company JSW group for three years. Are you still working?
Ans. Yes sir. No, Now I have resigned.

Q. Why?
Ans. Told them the truth. (Don\'t play fancy here. They won\'t spare you until you sound convincing to the entire panel. If you are even able to convince one member there are 8 remaining for cross-questioning.)

Q. Ok. You worked there as front line executive in Electrical Department. Tell me the scheme of charging the substation.
Ans. Summarised in 40 seconds. He was from my field and may have commissioned many substations under his leadership. So it took less time to tell the entire scheme to him.

Q. How many sources for feeder line up charging?
Ans. Two sources.

Q. From where did you take power?
Ans. MRSS and GIS.

Q. How many cable runs?
Ans. Four

Q. From where did these two get power?

Q. Voltage rating of incoming MSEDCL feeder?
Ans. 220 kV

Q. When you charge line up there are two sources, right?
Ans. No sir, Sometimes more sources can be there.

Q. Yes, So how do you manage all sources of power on a single lineup?
Ans. Bus Coupler sir.

Q. Which type of Bus coupler?
Ans. We had a manual bus coupler. It can be Automatic and FBT type also.

Q. Did you work on FBT?
Ans. No sir, It was not required in our department operations.

Q. Any Automatic type BC?
Ans. Yes sir, In the 415 Volts PMCC panel we had it.

Q. Tell me if one source is tripped due to a fault on the lineup. How will you approach the second source?
Ans. It took me 2 minutes and 3-panel members explanation to this question that what are they asking. I was confident in answering but I couldn\'t get their question fully. So I quit and asked them that we can discuss this on Paper if they want. He said No, No, Not required.

Q. What is the difference between Earthing and Neutral?
Ans. So well explained that we smiled at me in the manner ki waah maza aa gya.

Q. Is neutral earth pit and Normal earth pit are same in construction?
Ans. Yes sir.

Q. What are the resistances recommended for neutral and normal body earth pits?
Ans. Sorry sir, But on our site, as it was a coastal area so usually earth resistance was below 1 Ohm.

Q. Ok. Have you heard about lightning arresters?
Ans. Yes sir.

Q. How many were there in your substation?
Ans. Two, at the rooftop.

Q. Btao Zara Kaise lgate h lightning arresters.
Ans. Explained in depth, Even size of the earthing strip. He was now confident that I have literally commissioned an entire substation.

Q. How many earth pits for lightning arresters?
Ans. Two nos.

Q. And for neutral earthing?
Ans. 3 nos. sir

Q. Ku? Dono ko ek hi me mix ku ni krte?
Ans. Because harmonics of the neutral terminal can travel back to equipment through earth bus in case earth gets dry and can contribute to and impedance loading which can damage electronic parts and bearing of machines. (Fully satisfied)

Q. PLC tha substation me?
Ans. Yes sir.

Q. Uska earthing?
Ans. Electronic earth pit sir.

Q. Okay. My last question from you. How did you charge your substation? Any legal clearance?
Ans. Yes sir. First Electrical Inspector from Government authority visits the site then only we can charge it after getting licence.

Q. Who approves? CEA or PWD?
Ans. CEA sir.

Q. What\'s the procedure?
Ans. First, there is a form online to be filled. SLD rawings to be submitted in A1 print. The contractor\'s licence is required. Some other documentation formalities. Then appointment of Electrical Inspector and after clearance licence is given for charging.

Q. Before Electrical Inspector\'s visit, what did you do?
Ans. Firstly we will complete all erection parts. We will do testing and all. Our company\'s PSSR team will audit the substation and only after their prior clearance we can apply for it.

(Okay Shubham. :) )
Q. You did a certification course from Harvard ManageMentor in Ethics at Work? Tell us what did you learn and how did you apply it in work?
Ans. Told them. There were several cross-questioning from other members. They tried to stress me out. Multiple members asked from each of my sentences but in the end, I managed it.

Q. What is stress management? You did a course in this as well?
Ans. Yes, mam. Told the theory part but she wasn\'t interested in theory. She asked for recent examples of stress management.

Q. No shubham. Whatever you are telling us how we can deal with stress. But tell us some recent examples in which you dealt with stress.
Ans. I couldn\'t collect my thoughts for example at that time but I made an example from exam preparation. Suddenly chairperson asked to state an example from Worksite. I tried to collect my thoughts for a good and but I sounded less convincing to them. They kept on saying no and asking for more details about how I deal with stress. (At that point in time I thought about giving the present situation as an example that looks all of you are stressing me out but I have not left the fort yet. Haha..) In the end, I gave several examples then only they moved forward.


Q. Shubham! You mentioned reading a personality development book is your hobby. Which book did you read recently?
Ans. Power of Habit

Q. Which new habit did you acquire today?
Ans. (It may seem a simple question but here she has already played a trick with me. If I have stated some example it would be a disaster.) No mam, Habits can\'t be acquired in one day. That is what this book is about.

Q. Okay, tell us an example in which you took learning of this book.
Ans. Told them about changing many keystone habits of mine. One was spending less time online. (She smiled. I knew she has played a move already.)

Q. But Shubham, You mentioned that learning digital techniques are one of your interests. This may sound contradictory to your new habit.
Ans. Answered in a very convincing manner. Learning things digitally should not be confused by spending time online meaninglessly. Gave her examples about my Youtube channel, online blog, Social media marketing certifications, etc. (She was convinced and the panel was impressed.)

Q. You wrote about spreading happiness. How do you do that?
Ans. Told them in a very convincing manner. In the end, all members were impressed. Some cross-questioning on this by almost every panel member but I answered each one.

Next Panel member:

Q. Okay, Shubham! You seem to be very engaging in the work profession. Any safety incident happened at your site?
Ans. No sir, It\'s my biggest achievement that no LTI and Casualty happened in the project under my leadership.

Q. At any other site?
Ans. Confidential answer. They were convinced by my answer. They all are in senior roles and they know about process industries so don\'t try to make them fool.

Next Panel Member:

Q. You wrote about your weakness that you are still learning how to manage workplace interruption. What is this term?
Ans. Told her in brief. Then everybody started cross-questioning.

Q. But Shubham! In a techno-managerial job profile, all these things are normal. Interruptions happen. If it\'s your weakness how will you manage it?
Ans. Told them more insightful examples to the limit they were impressed by my professionalism at the workplace.

Okay, Shubham! Thank you! Again 10 seconds pause. I was a bit confused theater to sit or interview is over now. (Don\'t ever leave until they clearly say that you can leave now.)

Chairperson looked at me for a few seconds and asked me whether I want to ask something?

Q. I asked how does it feel to become MD in such a big company.
Ans. He said everybody has different opinions so no common answer.

Any other questions for us?
No sir! Thank you.

Thank you Shubham! You can wait outside for the result.

After 10 minutes I was one of the totals of 3 candidates who were selected out of 20 that day for medical.

The final result is awaited based on selection criteria.

It feels really good to get shortlisted and be in a few in such an elimination process.

Advice: Be natural. Don\'t get stressed out.