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Hewlett Packard Enterprises Interview Experience - VIT, Vellore & 23, 24 th October 2016
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Sukumar budaguntla
Hi friends.

I have attended HPE placement drive at Vellore Institute of Technology. On around 1000 students had attended the drive but only 47 students got selected.

First of all, company pre-placement talk session had conducted at Anna auditorium for 1 hour. In that session, they revealed the role that are going to offering, that is #Infrastructure service delivery consultant. Hp enterprises company is mainly to provide services for the other companies in the field of software, networking, storage, servers, outsourcing, etc. And package they are offering is 3.6 lakhs.

It consists of three rounds:

1. Written exam.
2. TR/HR.
3. HR.

In written exam, totally 50 questions. In that 10 questions from aptitude (quants (profit and loss percentages and number system), reasoning (data arrangement, data interpretation)) and 40 questions from technical (networking, computer basics, OS, MS Office shortcuts, MS outlook).

130 members got qualified for written test and I too cleared written test.

Then next day they conducted interviews. TR followed by HR.

In technical interview, they asked about computer networks, project and internship, workshops (if any). We have to brush up with some basics in core subjects.

In HR interview, they asked some questions like,

1. Introduce yourself in 2 mins.
2. Can you relocate?
3. What\'s your opinion about make in India?
4. Asked about hobbies?
5. One puzzle question.
6. Who is your inspiration?, Etc.

Finally, I got placed in HPE.

47 students qualified for HR round.

Thank you guys.

All the best for your placements. :)