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Hewlett-Packard Interview Experience - Chennai, October 2014.
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Hi all , I\'m spending time in sharing my interview experience with HP just B\'coz this site and other\'s experience in this site has helped me a lot in clearing the interview.

It was an off-campus interview in which more than 3000 candidates appeared but only 30 managed to get the job offers.

1st is a written test in which there were 3 parts.

1) 8 questions - Quants.
2) 12 qns - English ability.
3) 35 qns - C, C++, DBMS (mostly from C,C++).

Candidates who cleared this round were called for next round (next day).
2nd round is technical face to face.
*This is the most toughest round of all.

HR asked about me, where I came from and other formality questions. Then started testing my technical abilities.

1) Can you tell me what\'s the use of EULER\'s theorem ?
* I somewhat managed telling him it\'s used to prove sinx dx=-cosx dx.

2) What are objects ?
* It\'s a key to access classes and for example object is like a fish which has a n number of types behind it.

3) What\'s your fav feature of OOPS ?
* Polymorphism sir !

4) May I know the reason why ?
*With polymorphism we can express various features of one class so we can reduce the length of program

5) Who\'s your fav actor ?
*Ajith sir !

6) But I like Rajini ., Can you write a program on Rajini using polymorphism to define his acting skills ?
*Started writing a program on my own !
Then he asked me write a program on constructor,
Then asked me to wait for 3rd round.

3rd round is HR round :

1) Introduce yourself.
2) How does college life differ from school life ?
3) Why did you chose ECE ?
4) What is the latest development in your field ?
5) Will you relocate ?

Then he asked me to fill employment form and to wait for final round !
4th -Manager HR round :

It\'s a formality one.

1) He asked me to introduce myself.

2) Why HP want to hire you ?

3) Its 3 o\'clock ., don\'t you feel hungry ?
*No sir ., I\'m in a happy mode and I have no other feelings except it.

4) OK then I don\'t want to prolong your wait ., congrats ! now your the part of HP and you can update your status as "hired by HP"

*Thank you very much sir :).

It was a toughest interview I have ever attended but a worthy one to get selected.