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Hewlett Packard Interview Experience - Oct 8, 2014
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Hi friends,

I attended HP Interview held at Kumaraguru College Of Engineering.


1. Round-1: (Oct 8, 10:00 AM)
Written test :

1. Quants and normal Maths questions = 12
2. Verbal questions (Reading Comprehension) easy=8
3. Technical Apti =35
(C programs - based on operators like Bitwise, etc)
(OOPs Concepts - C++ & Java)
(DBMS Questions (8))
Totally 55 questions.

More than 5000 students are PARTICIPATED this Interview, Only 450 + cleared first round. I too cleared.
2. Round-2: Technical-1 (Oct 9, 10.30 PM)
Me: Good evening sir.
HR: Ya, very Good evening, sit!!sit!!

Me: Thank you sir.

HR: Introduce yourself.
Me: Said.

HR: Very good!! Very interesting!!!
Me: Thank you sir.

HR: Initially he gives some statistics (Kerala-7,TN-10,AP-9).

Ask him to write a query to display the number of persons in the States. But don\'t want to print state\'s name.    
Me: I told. Using COUNT to print the numbers. But I made a mistake in query. HR said your query is wrong but logic correct.

I am upset.

HR: Ok leave it! Difference b/w Structure and Union?
Me: I said.

HR: Good! Difference b/w Stored Procedures and Functions?
Me: I said.

HR: Ok good!! Are you good in Programming?
Me: Yes sir.
HR: Ok leave it! i didn\'t ask anything in Programming.
Me: Ok sir.

HR: Write a query to find maximum salary in Table.
Me: Sir, aggregate function MAX is used to find the maximum salary in table.
HR: Good!Good!Good!
Me: Thank you sir.

HR: What is Normalization?
Me: I said.
HR: Ya nice!
Me: Thank you sir!!!

After 1 hour they announced the result!!! more than 300 cleared this round!!

I am one of them!!!!

Round-3: Technical-2 (Oct 10, 12:10 AM)
Me: Good morning Sir!!!
HR: Smiled!!! Oh now time 12:10 AM. Ok Ok
HR: He asked my project.
Me: Clearly explained my project.
HR: He impressed on my project and said ok, you may go.
Me: Thank you sir.

This round nearly 240 students cleared!!! I too cleared!!!!

Round-4: Personal HR (oct 10, 1:30 AM)
Me: Very good morning madam!!!

HR: She smiled and said, oh you waited for long time! sorry!!!
Me: Its ok ma\'m!!! No problem!!!
HR: What do you know about HP? Why HP? Where do you like to work?
Me: Answered very well manner!!! I would like to work Bangalore.

HR: Why Bangalore?
Me: I answered proper reason.

HR: Okay, Thank you!!! don\'t change your Mail_id and Phone_number!!!

She gives HP card!!!

Finally 232 students cleared and get offered. I am happy to say "I am one of them!!!"
After 2 weeks HP team sent a confirmation mail!!!

HP is my 13th company!!! I failed 12 companies, but I never give up!!! So finally offered in
awesome company!!!

So never give up my dear friends!!! I too know the pain for missing a company!!! I will not advise you people!!! If you work hard definitely you\'ll achieve!!!

Thank you friends!!!!

              *****   ALL THE BEST   *****