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Hewlett-Packard(HP) Interview Experience - Coimbatore, October 8, 2014
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N Kiran
Hi everyone, I attended the HP off-campus drive held at Kumaraguru college of Technology, Coimbatore.

In HP there are four rounds.

1. Aptitude.
2. Technical HR.
3. Managerial HR.
4. Personal HR.

1) Aptitude Round :

- Nearly 6000 candidates were attended the interview process for First round in Written test
- There are 55 mcq.
- 12 from maths.
- 8 from English.
- 35 from Technical (C, C++, DBMS).
- Only 600 candidates were cleared this round.

2) Technical HR :

HR: Hi, how are you?
Me: Fine sir, What about you?

HR: Fine. Tell me about yourself.
Me: said.

HR: What is difference b/w Structure and Union?
Me: Said.

HR: What are the storage classes in C?
Me: Auto, Register, Extern, Static.

HR: Ok, i\'ll give a program show me the output.
Me: Said.

HR: Write a program for Sorting an Array.
Me: Wrote.

HR: What is the time complexity of this program.
Me: Said.

The he goes to OOPS concepts.

HR: What are the methods available in a class.
Me: Said only 3 methods.

HR: There are 5 methods it\'s ok. How do call the constructor in c++;
Me: Delete method.

HR: What is the difference b/w free() and delete().
Me: Told and i said i\'m not strong in C++ but i\'m strong in Java.

HR: Ok, what is final, finally, finalize?
Me: Said.

HR: Write a program for Overriding.
Me: Wrote.

HR: what is Runtime polymorphism.
Me: Overriding sir.

HR: You are good in Java but you need to be strong in C and C++. Are you compatible with any language?
Me: yes sir.

HR: You are cleared this round i\'m moving you to next round all d best.
Me: Thanks sir.

3) Managerial HR :

In this round they asked me in projects, they I\'ll give a situation you need to handle this.

He asked about my family.

4) Personal HR :

It\'s just for formality.

HR: Tell me about your native?
Me: Said.

Finally they give me an employment form to fill and "HP careers CARD" if you got this card then you\'ll selected.

Finally 232 candidates were cleared the interview I\'m one of them.

I hope you too clear this interview.